The Killerstrands Mission & Policies


Welcome to Killerstrands and my personal ... unique ... method of reaching out to Crib Hair Colorists across the country. 11 Years ago I set out to educate the public of our country in all things in the professional Hair color World that up until that first day were kept "from" the public. "Why" . . . . I don't know ??. . . and "how" . . . is me working on breaking that wall down over the last decade. I made a conscience decision to take as active of a roll as possible in educating every single one of you who would listen - - in the art and science of Coloring & Caring for the Hair in a Professional manner.

There is not a reason in the world that each and everyone of you should not have access to the ultimate education & products that will arm you with the tools needed to create healthy - awesome professional looking hair. With the education I supply there is not a reason in the world Stylist in the comfort of your own home, Salon or Business.

I am "KC" (Killer Chemist), I am both a Board certified California Licensed  Hair Stylists/Colorist  (whew!!!) !  I also am a Cosmetic chemist and design my own products when I can't find what I feel is necessary to color and care for hair in the best way possible. When I create products I create them for one reason help you with your hair. I do not have any products priced out-of-this-world and claim false hopes. I feel the problem with the products already in existence is: the companies that produced them are only looking at making money.....they simply don't seem to care about the health of the hair. To me, there is nothing more important than the HEALTH OF THE HAIR STRAND.

  I truly feel I am a One-of-A-Kind type of Hair Czar ;)))) !! I studied Cosmetic Chemistry with a brilliant well known Chemist  (who is no longer with us) and Hair Color with the "Queen-of-Hair-Color" (Annie Humphries) - so I feel having that unique fortune of being in the right place at the right time  TWICE ! ! !...........I honestly feel makes it MANDATORY for me to GIVE-BACK and teach all of you what was taught to me. 

What good is education, if it is not handed down? and unfortunately that is not how the hair business works. I feel I have cracked the code and have finally shaken up the system enough so that people can see that by sharing our knowledge - does not "leak your secrets".......when IN-FACT - it opens up the channels of learning for people to share with each other new ideas on how to reach certain goals. have a deep desire to give back and the only way I could see to do that ........was ....... by sharing my knowledge in a subject, so many of you want to learn HAIR & HAIR COLOR . . .


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Killerstrands is a wholesale distributor of professional hair coloring tools, equipment, Color and other materials. Our pricing structure is created to cater to large and small businesses as well as the hobbyist, therefore we offer most ingredients in a variety of sizes. In order to receive the most competitive wholesale level pricing, purchase the largest size listed.  If you are interested in receiving pricing on quantities greater than those listed on our website, please contact us at: Due to market fluctuations, Killerstrands prices may change at any time without notice.

 The Question I receive Most is: "Why don't you do hair in a Salon?"

 18 years ago I began my 2nd career in a Salon in Malibu, California....which was plagues by constant problems with my knee.....after a few years of incorrect surgeries and diagnosis....finally they ended up discovering I had a very rare form of bone cancer, Synovial Sarcoma. Long story -- short - - - -  that was the end of what would have been a very successful career.

Now here I was home.... with a year of doing nothing but listening to bad news from the world of medicine, which was about the time the Internet began to blossom and  grow. There were NO Blogs, no eCommerce stores and most large corporations did not believe the Internet would make it.

I don't know about others, but I began to take inventory of my life and what I had done with it. I had raised 2 beautiful ... successful ... daughters but they were grown and gone. In reviewing my entire life and what I had done and what I had not done, I decided it was time to just give....GIVE back with something I had that others wanted.  I wanted to "give back " to just "give back" to people I didn't know, for absolutely no reason at all was how I wanted to spend my time.

That was my one and only goal when this Blog was first started..........

As I began writing the Blog, (which I encourage you to read from the beginning) people from all over the country began writing me and 'begging' for help with how to do their hair color correctly and how to fix their damaged hair. . . . their hair was destroyed, colored awfully, how could they remove their old miserable color, start over with A PROPER FORMULA ?  They had no competent Hair Salon in their small rural remote town, and on and on. I literally began writing one persons order down in a small notebook ( which I still have !) at a time, figuring out what they need and sending it to them....... 1 person at a time.I started the entire business that way I didn't borrow a penny, I simply grew it from you placing orders one order at a time.!

I'm quite proud of that beginning, I didn't get into debt, by borrowing money, just built it all from scratch from orders from you all!  I would help a few and they would send their friends and the whole BLOG began to snowball....never in a million years did I plan on having a store, a group ( the group is closed we do CONSULTS NOW ) -- IN the Store - check them out! and I have a 10 year old Blog !  I thought I would be done in a year and that would be my legacy - period......that I had written a Blog and taught America how to care for their hair in a professional manner most especially for all the people that lived in all the small towns across America that I honestly didn't realize existed prior to beginning to write this Blog!

I truly think this whole process has kept me alive many years past when I was was supposed to be on earth. I truly just try to feed off of all of your energy to keep me going, I have become so weak and am in so much pain ......... my life revolves completely around this business and you.

I have 78 Topic TITLES, right now waiting for me to write on 'more' subjects people have asked about that I have not written yet ! 78 ! and that is without even thinking about Topics I have missed ! !  Therefore I suppose this education to all of you will be endless. . .  which is just fine with me......I'm happy to keep you informed. If you ever have any questions be sure to have the answers to the Killer 18 questions and a couple photos of your hair..............and I am happy to help with your formula. But I insist on having all that info BEFORE

Now, please get a glass of wine.....a coffee or whatever your drink of leisure is and sit back and start on reading the Blog from cover to cover. If you enjoy all topics "HAIR" , then you will enjoy the Blog and then I hope to hear or see you during your shopping and learning from Killerstrands - never be afraid to ask question. The one thing I ask is that you just learn what the "levels of the hair" are - then if you ask a question we are both talking on the same levels and thinking in the same shades!