# Creamy Oil Lightener Kit ( both Violet/Blue & White) ---

 BRAND NEW - we have added ''Killerstrands own Violet & Blue developer"........and lowered the price of the Kits!

we are making it ourselves so the quality is better..... remember, using anything in the hair color mix that is violet will fight off yellow or brass.......anything blue-based fights off gold or bl'orange, especially developer....because it goes inside the hair strands while the color changes.           

We have now added a 2nd Oil Bleach Kit, the only difference is I have come up with a wonderful way to tint the Creamy Oil Bleach BASE a Violet-Blue. Begin with a Cool Blonde color! No Brass !     Why would that be desirable? Remember Violet fights Brass and Blue fights Gold & Blorange in blondes. Which is why we use the unique Violet Tinted Developer with the Kit and the Blue/Violet Tinted Toner Powder, all items help in the never-ending battle with Brass/Gold /Blorange ! Still the same 2.2 OZ - (Use 1.1 OZ with each Application) !

Its is used the EXACT same way. There are 2 applications in each kit but those applications are meant for your every 5-6 week Re-touches

 The Blue/Violet Base Gets RID OF BRASS - I highly recommend it, remember READ all you can on the BLOG, and purchase PLENTY of Kits when you are just starting out. 1 Kit contains 2 Applications. The Trick to achieving BRASS- FREE Blonde?Applying enough applicvations, there is amovement which I love it is called


  • Be sure to process the Oil  bleach ON-THE-Hair for minimum 65 minutes --people are afraid of leaving the lightener on too long...but with an oil lightener you have all the lipids and moisture to protect the hair and that create super shiny hair even though you are lightening the Hell out of it ! ! !
  • Unless your virgin Level is a Level 8 or lighter you'll most likely need a 2nd or 3rd application. When using Oil lightener it works slower but, SLOWER is ALWAYS Better for lightening your hair........ ALWAYS! Remember that. NEVER EVER use a hair dryer, the only thing that does is speed up the lightener and TRASH THE HAIR. On every single tub, bottle or tube of bleach lightener it says in big bold letters: DO NOT USE WITH HAIR DRYER ! Yep, it does!






When you are going from dark to BLONDE and have to lighten the whole head of hair - - obviously you will need a lot more product to begin this adventure. It depends on thickness, texture and length as to how many kits you will need. I tell EVERYONE if you aren't willing to use the proper amount of kits to achieve the proper color with this product, then this technique is probably not for you.  Going Blonde from dark is where the term : High Maintenance began !

(1 Kit = 2 apps)

The one and only Oil-Cream Bleach Kit (by Killerstrands Hair Clinic) on the market and it has 2 Re-touch applications in the Set. Remember the first option is the one & only option that will give you the Creamy-Oil Lightening Kit. Lipids are how you heal the hair and this kit is jam packed with them.

Remember, 1 Kit is your monthly re-touch (on normal hair), so with 2 Applications in 1 Kit.............that is not enough product to Lighten your entire Lengths & roots   (Unless you have a pixie)......try to use common sense. We are in process of creating a bottle full of Creamy Oil Lightener, so you may do your lengths with that.....but these kits are made for your monthly Re- touch !


The biggest problem to watch out for? Applying this ( & all lighteners) to the roots - you DO THAT --> LAST.   THE HEAT FROM YOUR SCALP ON YOUR BODY .....is what Heats the product up so it works faster, which is why you leave the lightener off the head, until the very last 40-50 minutes.

When you bring up the page for the product you want to purchase please put that one product in your cart.

This Creamy Oil lightener begins with a Creme lightener base with Glammor Oil added to it, that soaks into the base overtime  until used. Then when you mix the mixture together you add Half of all the ingredients included...as each Kit has 2 applications. Watch what you are doing with this mixture as a very little bit goes a very long long way. I played around with my formula for a very long time until it was completely perfected. They will never be able to copy it and I believe for $13 and change, that is a reasonable price for one retouch. Remember, everything is included in this Kit...measuring cups, plastic caps to wear while the lightener is processing - I even use Violet Developer (20Volume) to counteract any brass.

I encourage everyone to purchase INTENSIVE also  - mandatory for healthy hair afterward..... for drop-dead gorgeous platinum hair  ! ! and THRIVEN to apply that night - sleep in then rinse out 3 minutes longer than you normally would...(very important)..........and you will have blond bombshell  - think Gwen Stefani. Two Applications come in 1 Kit.

WHAT IS OIL BLEACH? There are 2 types of bleach lightening products : Powder & Cream Bleach lightener. I'm sure most of you have seen the blue or white powder lightener that most every Stylist uses. Well there has always been Cream lightener which lightens the same brightness as the powder, the drawback of it is........it does take a little longer to process.......BUT.......the advantage of it is:........ it imparts oils & lipids into the hair while lightening. It gives you a much lighter color than can be reached with any high-lift or blonde color, and eventually it lightens just as much as the powder . I love the consistency of it - it makes for a creamy texture and therefore does not dry out as much as powder - either...... One drawback of powder lightener is: it drys out. When its dry, it stops working, you don't have that issue with Cream lightener. Our Oil Bleach Kit has a base of Cream Lightener PLUS then is added Glammor Oil (mixture of 3 oils) to that base + Violet Developer to help fight brass and then a sprinkling of Purple/Blue Toner powder to also assist in fighting brass/gold. There is not a way to lighten hair this much............ that leaves the hair in such amazing health....... on planet earth. To date I have not heard of one person who has had sensitivities to this bleaching method.....all the lipids and oils prevent any harsh feel on the scalp or strands! I am very proud of this little concoction, I was forced to some up with my own when every company that made one cancelled them all in the same month....which left nothing I felt good about recommending to you my readers and customers. I played with ingredients and proportions until I came up with what is in this kit.
  • 2 complete applications enclosed. The total amount of ingredients to accomplish 2 Re-touches on pretty dense hair , it is hard to say how many brown to platinum (bleach & tone) all over Kits ones need but am currently conducting a Demo I will publish on the blog so everyone can see exactly how to use and expect Bleach/Lightener to work!. Why? everyone has different LENGTH, different density, different porosity, and the most important point: how dark the virgin hair Level is and how many levels it will have to be lifted. We have many Asians with Level 1 or 2 Black hair take the trip down platinum road. That can take up to 5 Kits or 10 applications of the LENGTHS FIRST. ALWAYS - ALWAYS DO THE BASE (roots) -- LAST. Why? the heat from your scalp warms the mixture up and turns it twice as light as the rest of the hair ( which is where the term ''hot roots'' was born - if you like to throw fancy hair Coloring words around ;) '' !)     Step 1 is  the base, which is an Oil Bleaching Cream.
  • Step 2 is Killerstrands own Oil combination of 3 powerful oils designed to work well with hair.
  • Step 4 : is our Violet tinted 20 Volume Developer ( to help fight brass).
  • Step 3 is : Blue/Violet Toner Powder enough for both applications ( use only a 1/4 teaspoon per application....which is plenty) - we weigh everything in all aspects of Killerstrands Products
  • Directions I have written and amended ( and will continue to amend) from the last 17 years! With useful tips in your application
  • 2 pairs of Gloves
  • 2 measuring Cups..............please measure accurately it is imperative to successful results.
  • 2 plastic Caps to Cap head while processing so it keeps NATURAL heat in....do not apply false heat meaning hair dryer's, etc..
  • NEVER do this application in a cold room. Warm the room or the house or stand in the sun - heated air is important for an even and successful result.
  • Bleach works a maximum of 55-70 minutes   -- if you are going for platinum or at least blonde with no brass................no Gold............. or no blorange - you will need to lighten more than once unless you are a virgin Level 8 or LIGHTER ! As you will see by my up-coming pictorial story, At a Natural Level 6 - 3 applications is about perfect. People get very nervous about applying bleach 3 times, which is understandable. BUT. . . .IF. . . . you use an safe OIL BLEACH LIGHTENER you have all you need to protect the hair  while lightening
  • I know that is a pricey adventure, this process is where the term "HIGH MAINTENANCE" was born. BUT, the advantage comes from those who have a lot of gray ( gray is closest to blonde - so when your silver grows out it isn't nearly as noticeable - therefore you get more time between retouches. PLUS - one retouch is one of the 2 kits, so that is a pretty inexpensive Re-touch, in my book.  Once you have your hair platinum or any shade of blonde you have chosen - up-keep is a cinch! Why? Because all that needs to be done is using one of the 2 kits that come in this kit and using it to apply to the new growth. That is pretty simple and then you can play with all the new pastels, colors and toners that are coming our way in Spring 2015!  
  • MY 3 best suggestions for this process?
  1. Apply INTENSIVE after rinsing the lightener out, you want to be sure you get it ALL OUT .................Why?  To stop the lightening process and return the hair to its natural pH level and Intensive is the proper formula to do that. You will see the hair instantly turns to silk when applying.
  2.  ALWAYS A:WAYS apply Thriven for a minimum 4-9 hours. I highly suggest sleeping in it, just get one of our sleeping caps, they work like a dream. You don't even know the product is in the hair and when you rinse it out in the morning you will TRULY THANK ME.. . .it gives the hair strength like nothing I have ever used in my entire career.
  3. If you don't do that last lightening which most of you fall short of doing , then you must take the time to tone, Choose Color Touch in 9/16 and 6 Volume, you will knock out any brass what so ever I will demo it in this new training Demo I am putting together.                                                                                                                                                          

     Be sure to do some reading prior to the actual application there are quite a number of Posts on the Blog.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     The Toners I would suggest are all on the Toner page for Light Blonde's
    I've been the mad scientist in my little Lab, trying to figure the perfect combination to solve the "no oil bleach" dilemma.What this is made for? For those of you that want platinum hair and want it in the best condition POSSIBLE. You should never EVER use powder lightener on-the-scalp. I have had numerous stories from people who have done that and become allergic to the whole process. That WILL NEVER HAPPEN when using an oil lightener(bleach) kit.


    There is a gigantic group on Instagram called #BleachItAgain  - which demostrates the reason and talks about the necessity for "bleaching more than once"....now this all depends on the lightness/darkness of your hair ....but if you have darker than a LEVEL 8 , you would need to bleach your hair more than once when going from natural to platinum..

    Do not use Bleach to remove old hair color - use it to lighten your virgin hair, that is the way you keep healthy, shiny hair

    I encourage everyone using an "on-the-scalp" lightener to use In.tensive for a minimum of 30 minutes , which is a color lock and soother as well !




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