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Combs - Wide variety

Combs are so good for the hair ........and not until I went to Hair Academy - did I realize how and why.  They help you control the hair when trying to color and when trying to style. EVERYONE should have a couple combs

Application comb: good for applying deep conditioners, combing thru hair after spraying with Soma Spray-In Conditioner/De-tangler ... Its a great comb - - everyone should have at least 1 of these in their arsenal- combs are an essential part of a Sassoon Stylist as it should be for all Crib Colorists. I remembering thinking how strange it was that we had to have all these various shapes and sizes of combs but they all had a terrific 'use'! You just need to begin to play with them, the combs we use, are pricey, but I have looked far and wide for this selection at these great prices,

Paul Mitchell Comb:

Great for people with curly hair or for those who curl their hair! After curling, once you let your hair cool, run this brush through your curls to loosen them up!

Falcom Comb:

Made of revolutionary space -age XECON. Far superior to hard rubber of nylon. Strong, flexible, unconditionally guaranteed against breakage. Flame treated, non-scratching, super - smooth teeth- glide easily through thickest hair. Not affected by hair solutions or chemicals. Highly heat -resistant; ideal for blow drying. Designed by a professional and used by professionals throughout the world.

Cricket Friction Free Comb: 

Proprietary blend of polymers to reduce friction caused by brushing and styling hair-creating a smooth finish. Bristles are ion infused with tourmaline to impart moisture into the hair shaft, reducing static electricity and creating incredible smooth shine. Attractive ergonomic design with non-slip grip. Wide teeth ideal for detangling or conditioning treatments.

8" Pin Tail Comb:

Why do you need a pin tail comb? At first pin tail combs may seem a bit odd to new Crib Colorists, but they will soon become your best friend in doing hair color. When I first began hair, i thought...."combs" - - why in the Hell do we need combs???

But what I soon found out was...........that all types of combs should be your BEST FRIEND.....A comb is an essential tool for accurate parting and sectioning. Try it, and you will quickly see why it is in every top professional’s tool kit. Crib Colorists? Begin using your comb all morning and as much as you can during the day.....become friendly with the use of one.

8" Rat Tail Comb:

Rat tail combs are an extremely versatile tool and an essential part of any Crib Colorist’s kit!


Remember ratting and teasing for Big 80s hair? Both retro and modern volume can be achieved with this comb. A demo will be forthcoming on the Blog – stay tuned!

12" Wide Tooth Shower Comb:


Love it. What a pleasant, cool surprise – - this comb is humongous! Biggest tail comb I’ve ever seen – - and ‘handy’ doesn’t cover half of it…This is excellent for quickly parting the hair for blow drying, for popping the Velcro rollers in… Remember SECTIONINGSECTIONINGSECTIONING…if you don’t split the hair in to quarters, you will never get all of the hair colored or covered. Using the “tail” of this comb makes life easy, KC swears by it – she laughed when she found it….saying "finally the holy grail " of Tail combs…something every Colorist uses all – - day – - long.. ( Great back scratcher too!j/k) This huge wide tooth comb is perfect for combing THRIVEN or any of the SUDZZ conditioners (gently – no tugging) into the hair.

8" Tail Tease Comb:

This comb pretty much is good at everything! Good for in the shower use, Styling blow dried hair, Teasing hair, and parting hair! You can have any type of hair and this comb will do the job. High quality professional salon comb. Ultra durable, strong and flexible. Made of a new aged material called XENCO. Far superior then hard rubber or nylon combs. Non-scratching, super smooth teeth comb easily through the thickest hair

Bio-Ionic iTools Freestyle Iron Comb:

Section hair using Bio Ionic iClips. Starting at the roots, take one sectoin of hair and lay it over iComb's bottom arm. Push down the top of comb through the hair and slowly move it away from the scalp. Follow the iComb with your blow dryer from roots to ends. Suggest using Coolway flat iron only if absolutely necessary....for best straightening results. Note: Adjust iron temperature for your condition.

Cricket X-tra Long Cutting Comb:

100% Static Free. Cricket Carbon Combs are one of the lightest, strongest and most durable combs in the professional industry. Because of the composition of the carbon material, they are completely static free. This eliminates fly away hair during the cutting process.

Cricket Carbon Combs weigh less than an ounce which will ensure ultimate comfort during usage. Cricket Carbon Combs are manufactured with seamless teeth which guarantee smooth flow through the hair and eliminate snagging and pulling.