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Diffuser - Hot Sock

 Wow what a great surprise for all blonds out there that color your own hair. Using any of the high-lift Blonds we carry is the perfect recipe for using this little – well-priced product with your next base touch-up or even if you are considering using any of high-lift blonds we carry.

The reason??? -- it can be used with virtually ANY size hair dryer....on warm up any areas you apply w/ High-Lift Hair Color - - - this little bit of heat…that is “ DIFFUSED “ applied for a couple minutes 3-4 times within the processing time can really help your hair reach a yummy blond.  Remember to apply the flexible diffuser on the end of your dryer ( not tightly but loosely) use the dryer on medium heat and HIGH WIND……and this little brilliant contraption.....DIFFUSES it is 'like' natural warmth.

Also, for those of you wanting waves and that "natural" look - which I will never get tired of pushing, it helps curls dry when in a rush and you can't let them dry on their own.  There are many uses for this little contraption, heating up THRIVEN, warming up the hair after a Gleam application and the one I use it the most for..........warming up high-lift Blond when an extra 1/2 to 1 level of lift is needed.  Finally, to warm the air around your strands if you live in a super cold climate.

Ultra light diffuser that prevents heat damage and gives you better overall diffusion. Perfect for salon, home, and travel!  Diffuser is made of soft, flexible lightweight foam. Its unique design gives you better overall diffusion. It can be carried in purse or pocket. So easy to travel with - takes up almost no space at all and weighs only ounces.

Gone are the days of heavy, bulky attachments. It won't fly off the end of the dryer and minimizes dryer overheating.


  • Perfect for permed, naturally curly, or wavy hair.
  • Keeps hair looking healthy... prevents heat damage and control frizz.
  • Great for quick-drying roller sets.
  • Good for salon, travel, or home use.
  • Fits virtually every size blow dryers.


 Slip over the blow dryer nozzle, and should extend 2 to 3 inches beyond the end of the dryer.