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You want healthy hair? This is where you need to be, if you have trashed and destroyed your hair. Its OK - please don't think you are the only one with this issue. Hundreds of people either trash their hair or their Stylist destroys it, so just don't worry. It is fixable but you must commit to the 10,000 Heads program. Follow as close as possible, no one expects you to be perfect, Just DO YOUR BEST.









DevaCurl BuildUP BUSTER - Removes buildup we all get no knowing it and this is very incredible technology as well

 What Does this Do?

- MICELLAR TECHNOLOGY : attracts dirt and product buildup like a magnet for gentle removal while maintaining moisture balance.

- ABYSSINIAN SEED OIL moisturizes, boosts shine and protects the scalp.

- JOJOBA ESTERS softens and conditions hair, and reduces scalp dryness so it feels soothed and moisturized.

How To Use

- Apply this no-to-low lather cleansing serum directly to the scalp and hair targeting areas of buildup.
- Massage with fingertips to distribute evenly throughout and break up the buildup.
- Then rinse thoroughly by massaging to further remove buildup.

Unlike traditional clarifying shampoos that are irritating and drying to the hair and scalp, Buildup Buster’s gentle, deep cleansing formula thoroughly removes buildup without stripping away essential moisture, while adding shine and bounce.

We have added some new caps that have come in all of which are DYNO-MITE - for using with Thriven or Gleam or INTENSIVE treatments. Either 3-4 hours or preferably OVERNIGHT, so the lipids have a chance to really soak into the strands, the longer you process your deep conditioning treatments - the better the repair.

Multi Color pack of plastic treatment caps - quantity: #8 or #30

The # 1 Question and process that I have people go through once they join our group is the REMOVE COLOR & REPAIR HAIR PROCESS. Almost everyone has a low quality lousy brand of hair color on their hair WHICH MUST COME OFF! ! ! ! If you are blonde this process does not work as you cannot remove blonde with anything but the shampoo TRAIN and shampoo it out with crappy shampoo multiple times over 4-5 days. Now for the rest of you, purchase our:

DAMAGE.REPAIR.HAIR.KIT.........which includes:

  • 1 - 4oz. GLEAM
  • 1 - 8oz. THRIVEN
  • 1 - 8oz. INTENSIVE
  • 2 - VANISH KIT - color remover (2 Kits - 4 Applications)............SAVE over $15.00............ $153.95.


These Kits were created from YOU . . . out of a notice of repeated orders of the same 4 products + various Duo's we cam up the following "KITS" all save you substantial money.…. to support those of you that are willing to give 10,000HEADS a valid shot, I wanted to give you a bit of a break. I have found the best product for de-tangling ( my own personal nightmare so I fully understand) SOMA : it is a Spray Protein Leave-in Conditioner and it just plain and simply – ROCKS. Smooths out that hair – tangles just disappear…I no longer cringe when it comes to shampoo time. And I have the most mangled mess and my hair is not damaged at all ( I attribute that to the SECRET SUPPLEMENT & Thriven... I have been using both everyday for 8 years!)

Be Sure to Get yourself a Terrycloth-lined Shower Cap for over-nite treatments, using one makes it a breeze

To save a little and immediately get started on a new system of hair care – Killer Strands’ 10,000 Heads Starter Kit:
Includes 4 Main Ingredients:

  1. Thriven (8 oz) + Secret Supplement info – Deep Conditioner. 
  2. Gleam ( 2 oz.) Hair Oil – apply every day. 
  3. Soma – Protein Spray Detangler (newest & x-tra spectacular version tru magic~!) – (8 oz) takes place of daily conditioner
  4. KC's Choice of Sulfate-Free Shampoo's ( I believe that sulfates cause hair loss in females)- Please answer the 4 questions below to get the best product for YOUR hair
 4 questions
  1. Do you have dry,oily,normal,(dandruff?)???
  2. What is your texture? straight/wavy/curly/frizzy/smooth ? ?
  3. What is weather where you live? Humid/dry/freezing/hot/we have strong seasons/ we have weak seasons
  4. Realistically – how often do you shampoo?

For some reason Step 15 was left off this List which is INTENSIVE, our pH balancer. This product used religiously will become your favorite companion. It is definitely mandatory when trying to repair hair!

10,000 HEADS............


GO BIG OR GO HOME KITS with KC's shampoo choice for YOUR hair

This is the smartest way to start on the 10,000 Heads Regimen – you get a discount on all the products this way.

Thriven is never refundable: purchasing it gives you access to 50% of the miracle of the 10,000 Transformation : name of product and how exactly to incorporate it into your life. The magic and what generates thousands of complimentary emails ( please keep them coming) stems from this 1-2 Punch.

We only sell Sulfate-Free Shampoos at Killer Strands.

We live by the creed that ‘Sulfates contribute to Hair Loss & Thinning in women of all ages’ and avoid them at all costs…

I have recently added a few new options - please check out the new 400 & 500 WATT KITS   ! !


GLEAM.............our wonder healing hair OIL surpasses any hair oil on the market.......why? ........3 reasons:

  1. no silicone's - silicone as in silicone breast implants - yep, same thing

  2. we use 7 of the best hair oils that work optimally on hair strands : Rose Hips Seed Oil + Abyssinian Oil + Chamomile Oil + Neroli Oil + Argan Oil + Coconut Oil + Vitamin E

  3. OUR PRICE! !

DIRECTIONS general application: always begin by applying two drops of oil, warmed by rubbing hands together & apply from the ends of the hair towards the roots.

Specifics: for a healthy, lustrous glow, apply after shampoo and conditioner, to damp or dry hair. As a conditioner, add two-ten drops to a single application of your own conditioner and apply as usual. As a styling aid, add 2 drops to damp or dry hair you will learn which you prefer. As a brushing treatment, add 2 drops to dry hair and brush for 2-4 minutes for a healthy glow. If you use a wooden comb, anoint the teeth with a couple drops just prior to combing. As a scalp treatment, gently massage a 2-4 drops into scalp -- this is especially effective for dry patches AND Flaking. To enhance color and highlights in sunlight, and to promote elasticity & luster, apply to wet or dry hair.


- See more at: http://www.bigelowchemists.com/hair/rodin-by-recine-luxury-hair-oil.html#sthash.A5LxrMkA.dpuf
- See more at: http://www.bigelowchemists.com/hair/rodin-by-recine-luxury-hair-oil.html#sthash.A5LxrMkA.dpuf


- See more at: http://www.bigelowchemists.com/hair/rodin-by-recine-luxury-hair-oil.html#sthash.A5LxrMkA.dpuf

Here is a recent comment from a customer :

 If you're having problems with your hair feeling awful and looking dry or frizzy, go to KC's store and pick up some Thriven, Intensive, and Gleam. After you use the Thriven overnight a few times, you will already notice a huge difference. Intensive is my absolute favorite conditioner on the planet. You can use it daily and you will definitely want it for after you color your hair because it will put the pH back to normal. And then Gleam is an oil that I use every day, just a bit on the ends. I don't go a day without it. And you will also use that right BEFORE you color your hair so that when your developer is processing your color, the oils will go into the strands right along with the color and make it nice and healthy.

I had platinum-white hair when I first found this group and it was fried. Super duper dry and frizzy and unmanageable. I did all of the above and my hair has NEVER felt better. I joke that it's as soft as a kitten now. lol. Also, the shampoo train will help your hair feel soooo much better too. The Malibu2000 packets are AMAZING.

 - January 2015 - Gretchen S.


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