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Filling Hair - Hair Color Selection

Pre-pigment coloring creme by KENRA, Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Coloring Crème is for use in color corrective services. It is formulated to mix with water to replace underlying pigments prior to Coloring Permanent or Demi-Permanent coloring. Perfect for Crib colorists seeking an easy-route, time saving product formulated to allow for perfect color pigmentation and for those that desire a hair color 2 or more shades darker than their current shade with perfect color pigmentation results. 

• Gently fills the hair with the missing respective natural underlying pigment due to prior lightening and/or environmental color fade
• Great pre-treatment for faded base shades due to environmental stress
• Delivers rich, long lasting color results in a gentle cream base formula
• Ammonia-Free

Very clear instructions are included and remember you only need water to mix with color.

First of all there are so many terms for this one same process ... that "I" am still learning new terms after 17 years!

Whether its "filling" or "pre-pigmenting".....the process is the exact same. This is the process that must be done when you have BLONDE/Light Hair and you want to return to your original or dark hair color. When you make the decision to go light with your hair color you LOSE the warmth in hair strands. Therefore in order to go BACK dark again - -  it MUST be returned / filled-in or pre-pigmented. You must replace the warm colors you took out or after the first 1-3 shampoos the dark color you put on top ( without filling) will shampoo OUT and begin to look very odd, kind of greenish! 
Its just the fact that : "what you take out to go blonde, when you head back to dark - all the shades that were taken out - m-u-s-t be returned.
This is what happens when your hair is lightened depending on what stage your hair is at when you begin the lightening stage.  So if you begin at BROWN , as you go lighter all those stages of color are removed in order to get to that lightened stage. REd is removed, Red-Gold is Removed, Gold is Removed, Yellow is removed etc.
So when you want to go back to your original color you must fill-in those colors FIRST.
  1. Black

  2. Brown

  3. Red

  4. Red-Gold

  5. Gold

  6. Yellow

  7. Pale Yellow

Pre-Pigment Coloring Cremes available in three shades for use in color corrective services to
replace underlying pigments prior to all Color Permanent or demi-permanent coloring.

If you are going from Light hair (Blonde) BACK to darker hair, you MUST-MUST-MUST use products to (what we call) "Fill the hair". I hear a lot of you using the terms, and flying them around, but you are not using them in the right context, therefore I thought a nice explanation might help things for you. 

Pre-Pigment is replacing the "warmth" that was lost when you lightened your hair  As I've shown you many times . . . when the hair is dark it starts there and goes through many stages to get to its goal of being LIGHT

KENRA Pre-Pigment Coloring Cremes are designed for use in color corrective services to gently replace underlying pigments prior to Kenra Color Permanent or Demi-permanent coloring and are ideal for achieving results two or more levels darker than existing level. You may fill with this color and apply any other color on top of it.

Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Coloring Cremes support the consistent, reliable results of Balancing Complex 5 and are available in three intermixable shades to meet your color corrective needs.

Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Red: when coloring with all red or violet shades and when coloring back using dark natural shades (levels 1 - 3)

Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Copper: when coloring with all copper shades and when coloring back using medium natural shades (levels 3 - 6)

Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Gold: when coloring with all golden shades and when coloring back using light natural shades (levels 6 - 8)