' Direct Dye Or Semi Permanent Crazy Colors ' - Various Brands! Bright Colors

I have removed the Pravana Line for these other professional lines

 There is a theory about hair color that I happen to agree with 100%.  That 'cheaply made' hair color will damage the hair - while on the strands, continuously until you remove it. So, the goal with venturing into the  world of Crazy Color Hair Color is to choose a brand that has the best quality so when its no longer there .......the hair will remain healthy underneath. I also look for bright ass colors .. yet having a ''good fading ability'' these are true Semi-Permanent colors, so they will do this and we WANT them to. Why would you want this? I know it seems fun and exciting to have crazy Colors on your hair - nobody understands that better than me - - I love applying them on people's hair it is just sooo artistic and creative to me and I don't get to do it anymore and just writing about it gets me all jacked up and want to get some hair models just to have an afternoon of fun.....and I may still yet.. BUT, at some point whether its 1 month or 1 year or 5 years...at some point I guarantee ........'you' all will want to change your color at some point and it is the job of a great Colorist to be prepared for that. again. So when you are tired of it OR you just want to change the color, you want the existing color to be OUT OF YOUR HAIR with as little damage as possible !

we supply 1 pair of surgical gloves + measure cup with all color orders 

 All of these colors are all inter-mixable, go on really easily, . Again, this goes back to being the top-of-the-line in quality.

 Go hard or go home for a total color transformation. Paintbox Semi-Permanent Hair Color electrifies dull, boring hair that lasts for 3 to 30 washes.... a lot of these won't come all the way out.

Crazy Colors:

  1. provide vibrant, dramatic results on pre-lightened hair    
  2.  provide more subtle tones on natural hair
  3.  conditions as it colors, giving the hair increased shine and luster 
  4. No ammonia, no peroxide, no lift. Make a statement with them.

Colors in Joico's Line is called Color Intensity :

  • plus the colors below........of course Titanium being my personal favorite....but...I'm from California so we all know what the world thinks of us !
  • Peacock Green - simply gorgeous

  Why I choose these lines because I know they will come out of the hair in an OK manner !!


One can also just take BURST ..........Our Colored Conditioners and Apply as a hair color. That is how to achieve PASTELS - easy - safe and pretty awesome.

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