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Crazy Colors /DIRECT DYE - POP - Power OF Paint Hair Color by Paul Mitchell

We Now have the BRAND NEW Pastels (3/1/2017) in POP colors they are  listed below.....

First of all . . .these are gigantic 6OZ. - TUBES, they are so gigantic -- I honestly have never seen any hair color this big, it is the size of 2 normal tubes of hair color ! So its a great value and they come from the company that invented Crazy color 40 years ago in Italy : Renbow. Renbow moved to the USA, and approx. 10 years ago Paul Mitchell bought out Renbow and put his name on their products. So Quality . . . .  high! I will do some strand tests soon.                                             POWER OF PAINT Demi-Permanent Crazy colors are from the Chemists who invented the original crazy color line in Europe, so I expect this line to be one the favorite's of all time. Besides they have a strictly Opalescent Color that can be added to any of the other colors and a Diluter to create Pastels if that is the choice you decide towards......and a STEEL a silvery slick STEEL color - BEAUTIFUL. In my eyes these are the most beautiful formulated Crazy color line they don't just have a useless RED or a bright weird Blue, they are beautiful colors out of the tube and they are completely inter-mixable - so you may mix opalescent with every color ! These are gigantic 6OZ. - TUBES

Think about mixing Pink and opalescent..........Blue and Steel for the Denim color.......these are the bright colors that do not shampoo out like BOOST & BURST, but many of you want a permanent solution and that is what these are.