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Essensity - Ammonia-Free + Oil-based Permanent Hair Color

Essensity has been Reformulated and improves in many different ways, I am hearing nothing but rave reviews and so a couple of us here tried it and are also as impressed.

Well boys and girls, we finally have a "green" hair color that I a proud to say checks all of y boxes for a 'great' hair color AND its Ammonia-Free. I wanted to carry one "green" hair color line, in other words : one line that had as many of the healthy aspects as possible yet still delivers great color.  This is Schwarzkopf's permanent ammonia-free color with Phytolipid provides up to 100% white hair coverage and is free from ammonia, mineral oil, parabens, silicones and artificial fragrances.

What hairdressers say about NEW ESSENSITY after 1,500 applications in 174 salons**:

  • 93% were satisfied overall 
  • 83% reported a new performance level
  • 92% say NEW ESSENSITY is gentle to the hair
  • 90% claim scalp comfort
  • 87% would recommend it to colleagues
**Salon Use Test conducted in 84 salons in Germany and 90 salons in Spain

The Secret Lies In Phytolipid Technology....The combination of specially re-designed colour pigment mixes and plant-based oils that contain lipids found in healthy-looking hair maximizes colour performance

Level 6 thru Level 10


Levels 1 thru 5

Developer ratio is 1:2 so 2 parts of Developer to 1 part of color...Very important to get that correct !

Ammonia-Free Hair Color, a lot of people have wanted something like this and here it is.... this is the healthiest HAIR COLOR on Planet Earth and it has some awesome base and unique colors.

With this brand ( just like in all permanent hair coloring) for full gray coverage you must mix the tone you want PLUS a NEUTRAL which means using a color that is /0 or for even better coverage using double neutral /00 as part of your formula. For any help at all with creating your hair color formula, please purchase the color and developer separately this brand's developer is an oil based h2O2 which makes for even more moisture put into hair strands at time of coloring.
Ammonia's job in hair color is to OPEN the hair strands to allow the hair color to be let in.........then sealed.....then locked up again so the new color stays sealed inside the hair strands...otherwise the color washes out and fades and you are not happy! So in order for color "TO" must have another ingredient that performs that same action (opening the hair strand up.....) . There are only a few, the one most commonly used is MEA. So no matter what that ''action'' must take place or the hair color does NOT WORK correctly.

Now that Essensity is improved and we all love it, I no longer have to worry about all those types of things........and we now have an answer to those with the scalp & ammonia sensitivities.



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