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TWINK & TWINK2 - Silky Glitter Hair Gel

Want an EXPLOSION of glitter on your hair that will stay there and feels & looks like nothing you've ever used or seen?

We now have TWINK2, which is a Metallic GEL with larger shapes in the Gel, like Sequins, hearts, butterfly''s.....

Best new trend............put a thin line of glitter down your part! ! !  Looks Gorgeous! Apply around the hair line, or on the tip of your ponytail -- even better.  The best part of this gel ? It is not real Gel I found this substance that is Gel-like but it feels more like silky velvet than anything. It is not sticky, it is not goopy it is not gooey - its like silk and it stays in one place for a very long time is magical and you cannot even feel the glitter.

  • Angel-Rose GOLD microfine GLITTER
  • 24K Gold GLITTER GEL
  • Chrome Chocolate - Silver/Brown GLITTER Gel
  • Icey Silver Violet GLITTER Gel
  • Icey Denim GLITTER Gel
  • Opalescent Glitter Gel

TWINK's your can use it in thin little strips of glitter.....dip the end of your pony tail in it.....or the newest rage in the U.K. - line your part with TWINK (glitter) ( it looks better than you think!). There are a lot of funky directions out there  for adding glitter directly to Gel and that is not how it works unless you want a sticky - gewy yucky mess in your hair.

Our Gel is formulated to work and feel wonderful it is soft, flexible and lasts forever.

  • TWINK : 1.3 OZ. Jar of Glitter Gel....made exclusively by Killerstrands....want Glitter to really stick in the hair? Here's the answer. take little bits and make thin little strands of glitter sparkle and shine through your hair.

Microfine Glitter in Gel.............TWINK. See the ponytail photo below that is this !

SHINE / SPARKLE & Brilliance is the Key to this years trends.

So Many Options with our TWINK.........for a  more subtle look see our Gleam with microfine glitter, we really are fans of that.