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IGORA ROYAL- Permanent + Demi - Hair Color by Schwarzkopf


As of 1/1/2017 :   We will continue to send 1 pair of surgical gloves + 2 - 1oz. measure cups w/ all hair color orders. This year you may ALSO request a 1/2 oz. free sample of barrier cream with your hair color order. Barrier Cream is what Hair Colorists apply around your entire hair line to keep color from staining skin as color processes. Apply around hair line, not touching hair.... in a circular motion to give it a "natural" look. You must REQUEST the Barrier cream which is easily attached ( in the "NOTES" section). Normally the only people who require it are: Level 8  & darker, but there are no restrictions, just ask !

Schwarzkopf  has done a complete renovation of their hair color formula's...and I am super pleased with the quality & colors of the colors & Toners . Its reasonably priced, although I encourage everyone to measure the price of color by the ounce.This is what I look for when I choose a particular line of HAIR COLOR ..... so you will know ......the line..... is up to your standards for what you are looking for for  - - - as far as Hair Color. I have 30 clumps of human hair and I just begin testing in many different areas to see if it truly is up to my standards as if I was coloring someone's hair on their head. When I was in the Salon it would be done on my clients, Assistants & volunteers before I decided to change to a particular line of Hair Color to use on my clients.I treat all of you........... as if .............You were MY clients.............. and I was Coloring YOUR HAIR .............. .and so this line of color would be a candidate as though I was testing it to apply to your hair.  I look for the results to make ME as proud as if or when you walk out that door of my Salon.  I have people all the time who get compliments on their hair color - of which I chose or taught them 'how' to get........and THEY. . .write to tell me "how" they had never been prouder, of their hair's health & color. 

Here is something that came in -- just this morning:This is a look all done with Schwarzkopf. She has Blonde Lengths and a Level 4 Brown Roots as the starting color.            


  • The formula used was the following :
  • Base ( or Roots) : 4/13 + 5/1 + 0/22 + 20Volume
  • Lengths: 9.5/29 + 9.5/22 + 0/99  + 7Volume
  • Igora Royal really does have the most beautiful pastels in regular ole hair color ( not crazy colors)

Igora Royal Is my #2 Hair Color Choice, but that does not mean I don't like it as much as Wella because I do, you just can't have 2 favorites in this world for some reason. I have 2 daughters and love them both the same....that is how I feel about Wella and Schwarzkopf.....BOTH excellent brands....I switch back and forth between the 2 brands coloring my own hair.....and I have copper hair the single hardest to color hair on planet earth!on my own hair every couple months!


Remember . . . YOUR Hair Color is my Business Card and people will ask you where you got your hair colored .....if it doesn't look good, it is a refection on me and my choices..... so I promise you even though this is a different situation I still try just as hard to help you color your own hair JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS  IF I was applying it to your head at a Salon.

So rest assured these lines of color I switch or bring you are something I have been working on for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS PRIOR to them showing up  in front of you............testing-reading-talking, doing everything possible to see that it will be worth the effort of bringing it to you.....and you will be as happy with it as you possibly CAN BE.





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