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MANY Ways To Go Blonde . BLO.ND.ME by Schwarzkopf

 3 Completely New Ways To Go Blonde- this page is LIGHTEN & TONE in 1 Step !

What makes BLonDMe unique?

Toning, Lifting and White Blending shades, advanced Lifting performance : Perfect Care & Color. Maintenance:

Ingredients such as Keratin and Color Reviving Pigments provide targeted care and color maintenance for blondes that until this date has not been available.

* * * * * we supply 1 pair of surgical gloves + measure cup with all color orders (we prefer you measure with a scale ! ) * * * * * *

Premium Lift 9+ powder lightener

The first powder lightener to provide up to 9 levels of lift on natural hair
Perfect neutralization due to Anti-Yellow-Agents which targets the Pheomelanin in hair to avoid warm yellow undertones.

DeColoration & Tone

This comes in a 1 Pound large Tub which you may purchase 1 of 2 ways .........

the entire Tub ( plus you need the Toner) ........or in 8OZ. Kits - that include:

  • 8oz. Powder lightener tub

  This Product combination is supposed to be used with powder and then mixing 1 of the Toners (of your choice) as a 2md step.

  • Steel Blue
  • Ice
  • Sand
  • Caramel
  • Strawberry 
  • Lilac

 Then one of the Developers, most always you should think of using 20Volume, as always the Lower the Volume the better, especially in this case!

A very gentle way to lighten and tone the hair in 2 Steps. Adding the 2 together also makes the end result close to an oil bleach I am enclosing a small tube of Oil in each Kit. Use one dropper-full in each batch you make up + Toning Cream + Powder Lightener and you should moisturize and either Anti-Blue or Anti-Yellow the mixture with these specific Colors. At the beginning here we want all of your feedback, so that if you  feel the Kits should be larger or smaller - please let us know, etc....

Powder Lightener providing maximum lift on natural, colored hair;even on the darkest bases.
Benefits: Provides up to 9 levels of lift on natural and colored hair.
Removes coloration build-up.
Caring action on both inner structure and external hair surface.
Advanced neutralization: Anti-Yellow Agents target the Pheomelanin pigments in the hair and reduce yellow tones.
Soft and creamy working consistency.
Dust-reduced powder. Flexible mixing ratio.

 Toning assortment of exciting blonde toning creams makes it possible to create unique Blonde looks: Illuminating and Multi-Dimensional

This is the Lighten & Tone Method of Blonding we have 3 separate pages on the New Schwarzkopf Blonding Systems so be sure to check out each page to see if YOU are using the right product for your hair ( very important in Blonding !)


3WAYS to go BLonde

Step 1 - Powder Lightener + Toner


If you have a dark natural base (light brown or darker) and wants to go for an ultra-blonde look,

without going too warm.
•You want to have an extremely light and cool tone.

Premium Lift 9+ Lightener gives up to 9 levels of lift while the advanced formula neutralizes

any unwanted yellow pigments in the hair, suitable for natural or tinted hair.

•Pre-lighten the hair to the desired level based on your target end result. (TIP:When targeting neutral to cool shades, pre-lighten hair to a half of a level lighter than the desired end result.)

• Application hints & tips:

•Virgin hair:

Apply to mid-lengths and ends until light and then apply to new growth last.

•Previously colour treated hair:

Start application on the darkest areas first.

•Processing time is 20 to 45 minutes; depending on the desired level of lightness.

•Shampoo and treat the hair with BLONDME care products ensuring hair is in optimal condition

for the next step.

•Blow dry the hair in order to assess the amount of remaining warm tones in the hair.

•Using the colour wheel as your guideline, select the BLONDME Toning Cream of your choice.

•The processing time for the BLONDME Toning Creams is 15 to 30 minutes. (Note:When toning blonde hair with cool shades, it is advisable to process visually in order to achieve the desired result.)

Note:The BLONDME Toning Creams have a low Ammonia content and are formulated to deposit color pigments on blonde hair level 8 and higher.


Step2 - Bleach & Tone          

No need for time consuming pre-bleaching + toning.               
Bleach and Tone up to 9 levels in just 1 step!
Bleach and Tone Cream Additive is designed to be added to BLONDME Premium Lift 9+. 
The mixing delivers up to 9 levels of lift while providing useful neutralizing Cendré tone to eliminate all yellow or Blorange tones. 



Lifting Cream
•Three ready to use shades (Ice, Sand, Caramel)
•Lifts up to 5 levels on natural hair
•Creative mixing with Toner


• The 1st lightener with a clear formulation for absolute control and convenience
• Transparent gel consistency when mixed                                                                
• Perfect usability and control
• Provides up to 7 levels of lift on natural hair
• Suitable for foil techniques
• Particularly suited for full head and re-growth application
• Natural bleaching result
• Dust-reduced powder
Its a new type of lightener ....instead of being blue and solid colored so you cannot see the hair actually 'changing color' - therefore having to scrape lightener OFF to see the color lightening of the hair...this way you will be able to see the color CHANGE COLOR in front of your eyes because of this new GEL -type Powder lightener AND Gel Developer!