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Curly Hair Comb

 This is the funniest comb you will ever see, and that is because it is also a CAKE cutter for Fine bakeries and then 1 day some hair stylist along the way just grabbed it and came up with the best damn idea.


Curly hair people do not use brushes it frizzes their hair out and I really need to make a curly hair section because I love products for curly hair they are packed with wonderful p[roteins and conditioners because that is what curly hair needs to stay healthy . Curly hair is a who different monster, AND it really needs to be taken care of differently to look nice. 


This comb is perfect for wavy & curly hair then it also rocks for applying Thriven Gleam  INTENSIVE, Sesame, Coconut and Linseed Oil Conditioners....Which I promise you, u will all adore the same way you love