Hair Color Tools Start-Up Kit + Variations

If you plan on learning the proper way to become a Crib Colorist, purchase this kit - it is absolutely perfect.      

We love to see this product bought by you.............why? because it says to 'us' you are on your way to becoming a Crib Colorist the correct way!

We just received a new shipment of them so this time we have added a pair of gloves, a pin tail comb AND 2 measuring cups FREE..... so this is a perfect time for you to purchase it. 

 Love this Kit, check it out....this little kit has everything YOU need to begin coloring in the CRIB COLORIST fashion. The reason the Pro's don't use the Bottle and "do" use the Tint Brush/ Tint Bowl method of hair color?

 COVERAGE....................what is that?  .........Ever stood behind a person in line at the Market, or the Post Office, Church..........anywhere and noticed their hair color was 'splotchy" ? I see it all the time....EVERYWHERE. 

That is from applying hair color with a bottle and not with a tint brush............with a brush you are allowed to put pressure on at the moment of  application  - - - NOT SO, with a bottle.

Besides, in order for the hair color to be the proper consistency to cover Gray hair, it MUST be of a thicker consistency.....back in the old days - hair color was used from 'bottles" and was more liquid - y, so that bottle application may have been the first choice ( although I had never even seen it 'in action' it  was !)

This kit is just the handiest, best priced little gold mine, I can't see one reason to not buy it! The tint bowl is the standard size with a rubber bottom, and avoid slipping and to grab on to.. Next are the 2 Tint brushes in 2 various sizes... . . . one of those tricky comb/tint brushes - -  with a comb on one side and the tint brush on the other - extremely swift idea.

The Kit comes in different colors, we get them randomly colored at this price - - so will you!

it is such a great deal and I really want you all to purchase the proper equipment to complete your Crib Coloring Projects

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