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Color Touch + PLUS Demi-Permanent Hair Color by Wella

As of 3/22/2017:

We will continue to send 1 pair of surgical gloves + 2 - 1oz. measure cups w/ all hair color orders. This year you may ALSO request a 1/2 oz. free sample of barrier cream with your hair color order. Barrier Cream is what Hair Colorists apply around your entire hair line to keep color from staining skin as color processes. Apply around hair line, not touching hair.... in a circular motion to give it a "natural" look. You must REQUEST the Barrier cream which is easily attached ( in the "NOTES" section). Normally the only people who require it are: Level 8  & darker, but there are no restrictions, just ask !

NEW, the MINERAL- Desert Shades which are beautiful !

Found something wonderful for all the men that have been contacting me for both your hair AND beard. Up to 70% Gray Coverage .....with the single best developer in the biz ( low commitment & neutral scent that is the most pleasant ever! The first 16 ENTRANTS on this page are COLOR TOUCH PLUS ! !


Wella has revamped Color Touch and it is one of the most versatile lines of hair color there is....easiest line in the world to work with. Creates the most shiny hair and has the most peasant ammonia scent at all. This is the single most used line on hair color commercials - because of the amount of shine it produces, how easy it is to use, the scent of it is divine (has a light pleasant scent) & I think in all 16 years I have not had 1 bad experience with it, that is how wonderful it is.. NO MATTER what company the hair commercial is for Color Touch is always near! ! It has rocked since it was developed approx. 16 years ago. When I began in this business there was NO term or classification of hair color called: Demi-permanent  ( OLD - aren't I??!)

Be CAREFUL ! Remember everyone.....China is making counterfeit hair color of our popular brands and selling it for pennies to distributors here in the states. Then the American's who decide to go into these illegal businesses support them by setting up shop and selling the color for ridiculously low prices. These countries flourish even more every time one of you purchases from them. The only way to get rid of them is to STOP purchasing from them

For Color Touch the ratio of developer is 2 to 1. These tubes are 2 oz. each, therefore 4 oz. of developer per tube .... So for 1 ounce color you need 2 ounces developer. Each tube of color you purchase needs 4 ounces of developer.

Be sure to mix correctly so your results come out properly.

Killerstrands includes 1 pair of 1-size-fit-all gloves + measure cup with all color orders in case u just don't want to purchase a scale ( proper way to measure hair color is by weight, it works out better that way).

Even though that is the truth........ that is ALSO: the only way to truly add Shine/Volume/ or Body that everyone rave's about so much in using Hair Color. By using Developer in 3  to 19 Volume you are creating Demi-Permanent color and the category of color that has truly given the entire hair color a SHOT-IN-THE-ARM of Power & Shine juice !


Now in using Wella.....Please remember Wella comes 1 full level darker than other lines. So if you are wanting a level 7 you should buy a level 8.

This is Wella's Demi-Permanent line of Hair Color, which is used with either 1 of 2 developers to make it a true Demi-Permanent catalog of Professional hair color. Remember, there is not 1 tiny thing different about the manner of application or mixing of this color than of any of the hair color's you can buy at Sally's Target or any public Beauty Supply.......

  There is 1 difference, the quality of ingredients used in the formula to make the actual hair color. Now THAT has nothing to do with needing more education in which to use it -- which is what they imply. Never worry about that. This line has a tremendous selection of Demi-permanent colors from which to choose 126 colors.

  • 6 Volume Developer (which will make the color as close to a SEMI-permanent color, as possible -- fades the fastest)
  • 13 Volume Developer - (This is about as close to Permanent <20> as possible) Lasts longer
Both add shine to hair, cover grey until you can apply your permanent application, Tone blonds, enrich brunettes, add shine to black,  and fill hair nicely when going from very light to a Level 6 or darker.

Click on the pages to look at the colors up close, but to be honest I don't feel any of you should look at swatches, just go by the "names".... I find many of you purchasing the 'new' O&M line of Gloss Demi-Permanent's without seeing the swatch chart ......I was very happy ;) - you are going off of the tone's and Levels of the Colors, which to me is a huge breakthrough by many of you.  The only thing you must remember with this Wella Color Touch Line? ? ? It runs 1 full Level darker. I swear its just to be different!