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THRIVEN Overnight Conditioner + INTENSIVE Daily Hair Masque

This group of products is simply Conditioners ONLY - Deep Conditioners that are effective!You know how INTENSIVE & THRIVEN really work, well so does this pick of conditioners. I have a couple Italian models for customers and I've seen their hair photos and they have a LOT of hair and its beautiful. Must be their conditioners. But, we tried these all

There's no secret that I believe in very few deep conditioners. I believe in our own THRIVEN and Thriven light and GLEAM as the answer to my frizzy hair prayers.

The Secret Supplement is now no longer a secret.............give it a try buy 1-2 cases at COSTCO or Target ( depends on flavor you like  . . . ) Drink one for breakfast every morning in a smoothie, its an easy way to start the day....I feel it fills me up as well!