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400-WATT Damage Repair Kit + BOOST & BURST COLOR FREE

Killerstrands own product specialties are hair conditioners. I went into the art of studying how they are made and what truly works on hair in order to discover and make great conditioners. After 20 years of using conditioners that don't work, I finally have nailed great conditioners that I think you will find work very well.

We have a new Addition to the page............its our BOOST & BURST Shampoo & conditioner that we use for the base of the colored enhancing shampoo/conditioner PRODUCT LINE THAT HAS BLOWN THE SOCKS OFF OUR STORE THIS YEAR ! ! !


Gleam 4 OZ. - Gleam is made up of 14 oils that are based and come from mother earth's nature. Nothing is better for hair than "certain Oils"....I have many people tell me they are slathering on coconut oil and it is not fractionated coconut oil, so you will NOT have the amazing results that you will receive from the use of GLEAM. Gleam has chamomile extracts, aloe vera oil, 2 different types of Vitamin E's and on and on - I don't like to give my secrets away as the large companies then just take my hard earned knowledge and run with it, so I am just not doing it anymore.

THRIVE - N. 8oz. Everyone asks how you pronounce it. Say "Thrive"....THEN add the "n" sound. THRIVE - - N. Thrive like Drive."N"! This conditioner works by leaving it on overnight. Just like you do a great night cream for the face....the skin and the hair are so similar in make-up its almost scary, because they look and feel so different. This is a very weird consistency, and rinsing it out needs to be done thoroughly as it is a true "DEEP" Conditioner.

INTENSIVE 8oz. - Daily Conditioner & Post Color Treatment, this conditioner really works wonders, it returns your hairs pH level to normal which is what needs to be done "POST" hair color in order for the color to be locked in the hair and not washed out. Many have discovered this is also a super effective daily conditioner and scalp treatment, which is just gravy for 1 product.