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Silver-White Shades by IGORA ROYAL from Schwarzkopf

BTW.......the SILVER that is available here is absolutely spectacular, in its really is.

We ran some strand tests and absolutely LOVED the ''SILVER''  with 13 Volume on Blonde hair.....came out leaps and bounds better than Guy Tang I'm afraid.Beautiful shiny metal-y silver.... But It all depends on what you want to do. The Silver is the lightest and they all get darker from there, which we all weren't as fond of.... We LOVE AND ADORE Feedback from you.

Well, I knew before too long some other company would get on the SILVER HAIR bandwagon.... as we can't ever keep the hair color on the shelves so somebody is going to want to share all of your business. So, welcome the first company .......coming in with 4 shades.

This is Igora Royal's Line called ABSOLUTES ...which just means they are double pigmented color, so the coverage should last a lot longer. These are brand new and as soon as we receive feedback I will let you know.

If I receive more than 2 - 3 complaints about a product we carry .... ( occasionally - I will test it myself and if they are correct then OFF it goes)  - -  I will axe it off of here ! So I DO listen and appreciate comments so that we can keep our website a positive - well-tested- well-re-searched set of products that all of you will benefit from.