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Color Shots - by Paul Mitchell

 Color Shots - Brilliant color drops designed to help boost your hair colors' pigment .... For example: if you have brass and are having a hard time fighting it add 2-3 drops of the "purple" to your mixture before you add your developer, mix and apply as normal. You will be able to gauge off of that if you should add more or less the next time. These are not the type of product where "MORE" is better. FIGHT UNWANTED COLOR TONES.

Pure color pigment to help you move beyond the ordinary

There is no explicit directions, its best to trial an error as soooo many factors matter. I would begin with 2-3 drop in your first batch of color unless you mix up a tiny batch in which case I would begin with 1-2 drops.

These are used to fight that unwanted pigment/color (or DURP) in you hair color. It is the pigment they use to make hair color, so you mix it in to which ever Hair Color you decide to use.o choose:

  1. BLUE: If you have Gold use this to fight it - both light or dark
  2. PURPLE:  if you have brass or you can mix blue and purple if you have what i call: BLORANGE
  3. RED: If you have green in your hair
  4. GREEN : For those with annoying Red in the Hair
  5. YELLOW : Not very many people need more Yellow in the hair, we all have too much (even redheads!) can mix it with Blue to make GREEN which a lot of people need who have darker hair, to counter Red !

These are a product I need to put at the forefront because it works so well.

Unleash a world of color from the subtle to the dramatic!
  • Innovative and multi-functional to intensify or neutralize.... semi, demi or permanent color
  • True-to-tone results
  • Fade-resistant and long-lasting