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Kaaral : Oil-in-Cream Lightener

 This is another brand of on-the-scalp Cream Bleach, New & INNOVATIVE Italian Hair Care Line of both Color and styling products, we are beginning to carry for exclusive Group members. 

After you have made a purchase with Killerstrands. Italians notoriously have the "top" line of hair color at any given time for some reason.  We are very discreet about this line, its contents, and any extensive information surrounding it. Please respect these guidelines to remain in good standing with Killerstrands. 

This is a wonderful product + protects hair....

This Cream Lightener is completely unique and the most moisturizing bleach lightener I have experienced within 1 single product. A completely normal developer is 20 Volume, unless you have Level 5 >> ++ darker hair. So you "can" use up to 40 Volume, the choice is yours. The Oil Bleach Kits we have are a bit more moisturizing than this, but there are a lot more steps than this, also.... So, you must make your choice on the different attributes of each product and what you are doing with it.

This is a large amount of product . . . 8.8 ounces. Deeply nourishing silk and rice proteins are hydrolyzed to develop properties similar to Keratin and become highly compatible with hair structure. This cream is allowed to almost seamlessly penetrate hair with immediate nutrition and hydration. Rich anti-oxidants fight free radicals to bring long term moisture and protection . . . Something you do not receive with High-Lifts... Now this product DOES lift up to 7 Levels and keeps hair protected, conditioned and healthy. A claim I have seen work over and over.

If you have level 7 hair( a super common hair level ) and wanted a chunk of hair platinum blond so that you could change PASTEL KRAZY KOLORS every 1-2 weeks or so {something just SO DARN MUCH FUN I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU! ! ! !} - this would be the correct "tool". AS that is what I started this whole thing speaking about. The importance of using the correct " TOOL " for the job. Do not be afraid of the word "bleach".....Bleach is a terrible word, it just has horrible connotations. . . and to be honest its an incorrect name for what we are referring to. Therefore, as of today we will never refer to this product as 'bleach" again. . . The correct name is "LIGHTENER"... that is the name on the product . . . that is what is in the product container  . . . and that is what we will now be referring to it as. CREME LIGHTENER.Not one thing about it, is "bleach" or even related to it. So . . . the end is here! Hallelujah ! !

 Lightening CREAME 8.8 oz ( which is basically 8 applications) : $49.80