Latex Gloves - (surgical)

I have tried every glove they make for doing hair. I like to "feel" the hair . . . and not have it pull ( for the clients sake) - so after testing every glove I could find over the years I finally settled on what the surgeons use. A TIGHT, latex glove. There fore I have decided to use size "small" when I probably have a "large'' hand. Its the perfect fit for every Colorist I have met who have tried them over the years I can't tell you how many Colorists switched gloves to these - after me and my Sales pitch. You would think I was selling the gloves!

So we have had a few requests for gloves alone in small quantities . . . we have a tub of the black latex ( same glove only black ) already - where you get 50  gloves. Here is the answer to your requests for smaller quantitites of the best glove going on. 

Do you want the most wonderful dry hand treatment on the planet? Get 2 gloves out at bedtime. . . blow in them to get them expanded set them down. Apply a few squirts of GLEAM to the hands ( I put a few extra on my dry fingertips) put the gloves on  . . . go to sleep. . . Wait till you see the results in the morning. The miracles of GLEAM will just stun you, in my opinion Gleam is a true miracle product, it continues to amaze me after all these years.

So here you have it..... small quantities of surgical Gloves ( they are all Size small and have fit everyone I have ever recommended them to - they need to be tight to work with hair or to work with anything really and feel as though you have nothing on your hands ). Wonderful for many things as well.

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