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Schwarzkopf BLOND.ME- Bleach & Tone & Lift & Blend !

Create the Most Iconic Blondes. Every Time. Seems Schwarzkopf has reformulate their Blonding line and it has some dynamic toners and Cream Blenders   -- I just did a whole swatch test of these....why? BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE DEMANDING THE :

W : White Blenders

C : Colors

T: Toners...........

Now this line works differently than any other line I have seen so after spending the morning swatch testing till I couldn't see anymore we have ourselves a winner and I want more of you to begin using this line. Let me explain how it they have not yet come out with an "EASY TO UNDERSTAND direction sheet. Which is kind of why I have never used this line nor really talked about it, but we have now found ourselves some great Toners that will knock that brass into the stratosphere for you....and it can be done in a couple ways.

You can use the Powder lightener by itself, I do not suggest using that on the scalp though it is for highlights, bright lights, balayage, ribbons, chunks, ropes, twinkles, all processes of putting pieces of blonde in the hair.

Now the difference is you can add the Toner portion of the tubes to the lightener at the same time! That way you have cut out the Bleach and Tone process, it is now Bleach and Tone in 1!


Blondes expect real blonde perfection and an individual, unique result. But uneven bases, poor hair quality, correct neutralization or different levels of experience are some of the many challenges. This is why BLONDME was created.

Premium Performance Lightener 9+ - Schwarzkopfs award winning Lightener _ This is a professional's amount of will last forever!

  • All techniques
  • Up to 9 levels of lift
  • Possible on full head with 2% or 6%

This line has 3 different products in the TUBES.

  1. Toners..............which are used after the hair is lightened and to combat various DURP issues.
  2. White blending - Color that lift & lighten 1 level to blend colors or lift one level....
  3. Color - level 9 lifts and lightens and covers gray in 1 Step in 3 colors!

Beautiful Pastel colored toners, I would almost think someone was snooping around my Google Group looking for product ideas. Alas, I will not be bitter, but thankful...its something I have wanted for over a decade .... and now I can purchase. I have tested 2 of them and they turn out the exact same color as shown and as it sounds they are truly beautiful. For a top Colorist we have a secret way we make pastels, but they don't last longer than a week. As usual, depending on how you take care of your hair (using sulfate-free swimming or cover with cap....shampoo only 2-3 times/week)  will make the difference on how long the color lasts....So far these are the long lasting pastels on the market.


  I put the developer on the same page for convenience do not pay attention to heading. You need 4OZ developer for 1 tube of color. If you plan on playing around with these, I would highly advise purchasing a liter of developer by heading to the developer page :

.... again -- the lower the Volume the shorter the time the pastel will stay in the hair. Therefore 13Volume will enable the Pastel Toner to stay in the BLONDE hair, the longest.

3 ways to go Blonde

1. De-Coloration & Toner

2. Highlifting

3. White Blending

BlondeMe Premium lift 9+

-dust reduced powder action lifts up to 9 levels, provides advanced neutralization and improved haircare.

-For preparation, mixed the desired amount of powder with the proper developer until a smooth cream is achieved. Use 10 vol-40 vol depending on the lightness/darkness of the hair. The mixing ratio is variable from 1:1.5, 1:2.5

-For processing, 20-45 minutes. DO NOT USE ARTIFICIAL HEAT OR STEAM OR THE SUN with product

-For application, apply immediately after mixing. Even distribution and plenty of product ensures best equalization. AVOID OVERLAPPING APPLICATION TO PREVIOUS LIGHTENED HAIR!!!! Rinse thoroughly after processing, very light shampoo, and follow with Intensive.


-The T is Toning Cream, the W is White Blending Cream, and the L is Lifting Cream.



Comes in six shades

Ice- for anti-yellow effect and cool blonde tones.

Steel Blue- for anti-orange effect and steel blonde effects.

Sand- for clear, true blonde tones.

Caramel- for true blonde tones with soft caramel tinge.

Strawberry- for fashionable pastel rose effects.

Lilac- for eye-catching lilac tonality.


Comes in three shades

Ice- for perfect lift and anti-yellow effect

Sand- for perfect lift and true natural blonde tone

Caramel- for perfect lift and soft caramel tone

White Blending

Comes in three shades

Ice- for perfect white blending, lift and anti-yellow effect.

Sand- for perfect white blending, lift, and true natural blonde tone.

Caramel- for perfect white blending, lift and soft caramel tone.