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Grip Clips - Sectioning Clips - 3 types/sizes

I figured out finally how to get these at rock bottom prices…thrills me when I can pass down a savings to you…it really does

Under heavy daily useage they last 2 years….they should last you 5!
Great for Sectioning heavy hair and holding TIGHTLY
Perfect for Blow Drying, Hair Coloring, Braiding, Styling of all types…I cannot imagine not owning these even if I never colored a head of hair again.

Sectioning clips are an extremely important tool for any hair colorist. Most clips, break or stop working within the first 1-2 months. Before I became a stylist, I never knew this caliber of clip existed. I still remember attending my very first Hair Show with the Academy. We were told that the show was the only place to get these clips. The shows were only once a year, so we learned to stock up. Theses clips will last a busy stylist a minimum of one year, and should last a Crib Colorist multiple years.

These clips are strong and made completely of plastic, which is a must when using bleach (no metal of any kind should be used around bleach). Another bonus – they can be washed without fear of breakage.

-6 Professional hair clips from Japan
-Completely made of hard plastic
-Large teeth to hold hair securely
-Extra strong spring provides extra firm grip

never leave clips resting in water . . . just rinse holding under running water , lay on towel to dry.

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Salon King Size Strong Clips for long or heavy hair - includes 4 Clips of 4 different colors and an extremely strong spring mechanism. If you have long air or even just thick hair these are for you.

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Salon small butterfly clips, 12-ct

  •  12 assorted colors butterfly clips
  • 12-ct per package: 3 of each black, blue, orange and yellow
  • Strong spring and teeth to prevent slipping
  • Strong enough to use on thick hair, these are bigger than they look !

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 Salon large butterfly clamps, 12-ct


  • Large butterfly clamps
  • 12-ct per package: 6 of each black and white
  • Strong spring and teeth to prevent slipping
  • Strong enough to use on thick hair