'Innosense' / Koleston Perfect by Wella

They've Added a few beautiful colors especially their 10/93

KillerStrands introduces Wella's brand new line called Innosense. Innosense is based on no PPDs

For lack of a better term, I call these lines each brands: "Green" line, or their line made for everyone with sensitivities towards some of the ingredients in the regular brands. If you want to be up to date in today's world you must carry a line such as this, even though I can tell you there is Little to NO interest in this type of line.....we taLK TO A lot OF PEOPLE EACH AND EVERY DAY.

......... it is developed for all allergy prone clientele and anyone concerned about harmful chemicals in hair color in today's world.
KC is very proud of Wella for stepping up to the plate on this subject and catering to people who have sensitive skin, hair and scalps.
Normally large corporations ignore these issues. So far this line is limited to only 22 colors, but the ones they have chosen are perfect for today's demand of popular colors.
A color brand specially formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy. New ME+ dye molecule. 
Simple and complete lineup.
First ever ecaraf seal on permanent color with up to 100% grey coverage and 3 levels of lift.
22 beautiful vibrant shades.
*Although the risk of developing allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction. Always perform an allergy alert test 48 hours before any coloration.
Mixing recommendation:
Combine with Koleston Perfect developer for outstanding, high-density results.
Not recommended to be mixed with Koleston Perfect color (or any other color).
Innosense and Koleston Perfect developer ratio is (1:1).
Mixing Ratio:
3 levels of lift: 1 part Innosense, 1 part KP developer in 40 volume.
2 levels of lift: 1 part Innosense, 1 part KP developer in 30 volume.
1 level of lift/coverage of silver (same depth or darker): 1 part Innosense, 1 part KP developer in 20 volume.
Pastel Toning Important: In order to achieve an even color result comb the hair every 5 minutes during development time until the desired color result is achieved. Evenly bleached hair is required for this (1/2 level lighter than required final result). Can also be used on untreated hair of a natural color 9/0 and lighter.
To achieve beautiful soft pastel shades we recommend the Koleston Perfect Innosense shades 10/88 + 0/0 mixed 1:1 equal parts. The shades are always mixed 1:2 with Color Touch Emulsion 1.9 % or Perfect Pastel. That means 1 part Koleston Perfect Innosense + 2 parts Color Touch Emulsion 1.9 % or Perfect Pastel.

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