Baby Lights Kit - Blonding by Killerstrands

 I've had many a person request a highlighting Kit by me, but I feel very funny about highlights. I feel the look of over highlighted hair is not only dated but bad for the hair. But what you can do with a Kit like this is put some little ribbons, small kisses, of blond in the hair. I will do a little demo which will come with the directions on how to do this with the Kit. 

The theory of Killerstrands education is to mainly go back to a one color look, especially due to the fact that most of you are doing your own hair color, which really restricts the tricks one can do. Besides, how many celebrities, models have highlights anymore ??? Not a one! But there is a great trick, used on Victoria's Secret models, etc. as you see in a few of these photos....that will be easily accomplished with this Babylights Kit

We have a great demo that shows you how to use it

    Baby-Lights Kit  - Cream or Powder 

  • Pack of 45 Color Embossed Foils - (separate ribbons of light)
  • Glammor Oil -1/2 oz. moisturizer
  • Lightener ( Bleach)  - 4oz. CREAM ( this is a LOT of lightener !) will get Cream lightener as I feel that is the number one way to lighten, unless a special request for Powder lightener.
  • Developer - (8oz. Violet. 20 or 40 ( please specify Volume..........20 Volume comes with it automatically) 
  • Sectioning Clips  (2) 
  • Tint Brush


In order to do the Ombre look you just put the foils on the ends, instead of the top!

Pip Squeak Kit ( 1/2 of above)



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