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1 - Level Chart -To Determine the Levels

 A photographic (EXACT) print of a Level chart. The charts with little strands are actually just plastic strands tinted the colors you see in this Paper-Laminated chart anyway - they are not hair. But this is exactly what you need as you begin to learn the Level System and try to learn how to formulate your own hair color.

These are great for putting on the fridge or mirror so you can study them and learn FROM that studying. As a beginning Cosmetology that is what I did and that is what I want to teach those of you 'wanting' to learn how to color your own hair AT HOME, the tricks I used to learn this kind of weird concept.

 I WANT TO GET A LEVEL CHART INTO EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S HANDS WHO VISITS ANY ONE OF MY WEBSITES  ! I want you to learn and this is the first step to understanding the LEVEL SYSTEM.

For those of you that only plan on tinting your hair 1 color and plan on staying that 1 color ... you could possibly not need one, but you never know when you might want to change and this opportunity may not be around then! I have a limited amount of charts, but will let you know as we start to run out.

This chart comes 2 ways :

  • .99 with purchase over $50.00
  • $ 5.80  without 
( see how the chart to the side/below is too yellow and dark  ? Well, the Chart you receive will be accurate... that is why I had to do it myself, I tried to have someone else do it and it kept coming back too yellow, too dark, or the wrong tone. Now you have a chart better than mine. Truly.)