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Killerstrands Products Combinations

1.) Go Big or Go Home Kit

Plain and Simple…..The GBGH Kit was YOUR IDEA !!

  I noticed these same 4 ingredients going out in orders - -  time after time - - week after week.

Now these 4 items are a nice sized purchase, so it caught my attention....week after week - - - and for you all to be choosing these 4 Items > showed us, a substantial commitment to the 10,000HEADS Journey.                                                 

For that to be the case, you cannot imagine my sincere pleasure, knowing you figured out E X A C T L Y  what was needed -- in order to commit to it in the most correct fashion. I decided to make it a KIT and give a discount to those with this level of commitment - its the least I could do.

So this became our very first KIT, that my readers actually designed themselves

+ you receive a few bucks off for combining them

  • Sulfate-Free + ALS-Free Shampoo – we choose one of our great sulfate-free shampoo's FOR YOU - if you want please give us a hint of your hair type.
  • Soma Spray-In Protein Conditioner (detangler – we eliminate conditioner here) Conditioner daily does nothing but gunk up the hair.

  • Gleam - 2oz. Killerstrands own dry Oil, this and Thriven fluctuate as our #1 and #2 Best Sellers!
  • Thriven - 8oz. Our own deep conditioner, you also get the information for the SECRET SUPPLEMENT, where to get it, how to use it and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle – - the SS is so important for the “super magical transformation” your hair will go truly is. Remember you do not receive the SS, you receive the information on what it is, where to purchase, and how to incorporate it into your life.

On Your Marks……… Get Set ……… GO -- You cannot imagine the amount of comments and surprise people get from trying this system.

#2) 150 Watt Kit - 2oz. Gleam  & 8oz. Thriven

In other words, get your shine on with this combination of products.

2 oz. of GLEAM  -- yes it does seem like everyone has an oil these days, but did everyone 10 years ago? We also have the only oil I have ever found that has absolutely ZERO silicone's in it, no parabens, no anything but beautiful unrequited oils made directly from nature.

14 Oils of varying plants and nuts and flowers that work so magnificently on your ends and hair, you truly will be blown away! I suggest using it everyday a little bit at a time then once every 2 weeks apply a deep oil treatment overnight. Just try that once, you will not believe that you have finally found something that works and it works just so darn well.

Always apply Gleam before you color Your hair !

#3) 300 Watt Kit -- 2 oz. Gleam + 8oz Thriven + 8oz. INTENSIVE

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