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Hair Color Removers - Multiple Brands

 One of the biggest realizations people have when they come to my world of hair color education is that removing OLD HAIR COLOR is very important if you are trying to get the quality of your hair what it used to be.......back again. You cannot just ckeep coloring on top of crappy hair MUST be removed. Once people flow this suggestion, they are blown away at how correct this fact is.

So being as it has taken all hair companies ten years to understand what I was saying was the truth, we now have different large scale companies - finally offering a color remover of their own. Such as Wella's new: Color RENEW. Its either a box of 5 packets (which is made for someone with layers and layers of hair color to remove or a Hair stylist) or we have made it available to purchase just 1 packet at a time as well. Now this Color remover needs a catalyst which you may either purchase an entire liter OR we will also repackage a smaller quantity as well.

 Product Details


A Zero Damage Color reducer to adjust, change and correct undesired permanent hair color results. Its a gentle alternative to persulfate products to reduce undesired oxidative color while respecting the natural hair melanin without lightening the natural hair color.


  • How To Use

  • Mixing Recommendations:
    Use Color Renew Crystal Powder in combination with Color Renew Activator Liquid for optimal results.
    1:10 - one 9g sachet of Color Renew Crystal Powder with 90 ml of Activator Liquid or water in a bowl/applicator bottle.
    Apply from roots to mid-lengths and ends (colour build-up). Start with the darker areas first.
    Develop from 5- 45 mins depending on the desired colour reduction service.
    When re-coloring the hair rinse with water only. Dry thoroughly prior to colour application.
    Only when a mild cleansing of blondes/highlights/colour is required without re-toning or re-colouring. Rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.


    We have a brand new brand of hair color remover, it works exactly the same way as Vanish, it more easily accessible to me and it also removes all semi permanent and direct dyes which is a plus for anyone with many different types of color. It is a true miracle worker as well and is made by the European company DIKSON, which we are bringing in more colors and conditioners from. This products name is DE-CAP and is is the exact same set-up 2 small bottles in a box. Again , please use exactly as recommended in the directions.

    Now, what I want you to understand about this product is this:

    • it is the only product that actually reverses the manner in which hair color goes into hair strands.....and that is done by shrinking the hair color molecules. so they can back-up and come out of the hair strand and be washed down the sink.
    • most of you in this position have used boxed color/Sally's Color/ that online business that sells color/ or some other ineffective way to color your hair. Because it is these methods that don't follow the proper chemistry to make the hair color - it makes it difficult for the hair color to be shrunk so it will come out of the hair.
    • Very few people can get away with 1 box of Vanish, most people need multiple boxes. If your hair is black you definitely need a few boxes at least. Think about it, pure black hair doesn't feel good so that means you have layers of hair color to remove. It just will not come out with the 2 applications in one box.
    • Why do I recommend VANISH if 1 box won't remove my hair color ?? Its because it is the one and only color remover of the top Colorists in the world, we use it because it does NOT damage your hair while removing the old rotten color. It merely reverses the manner in which it got in there....shrinking the molecules so they can be washed out with the many shampoo treatments that are needed to complete the process.
    • What I do recommend is using the Shampoo Train....for a couple week before using your first box of Vanish. Please read about the Shampoo Train in the merely consists of shampooing your hair many times in 1 day with shampoo that DOES HAVE sulfates in it.
    • I have been using Vanish for nearly 20 years now....and it is the single best color remover in the industry....mainly because it does NOT damage the hair in the process and that is the single most important factor to me ( HEALTHY HAIR ). If you do not want to use Vanish the proper way and purchase multiple boxes then I do not recommend it. The only way one box is enough is if you have done the shampoo train for many weeks and you only need to take 1-2 Levels of hair color out of your hair.
    • But if old crappy hair color is your problem and you want to begin anew  . . . . this IS your answer, its just not one box and I never meant to imply it was one box......Think about how difficult that REVERSE the way the hair color went INTO the hair. to me.....that is a miraculous accomplishment. So every time I have used Vanish I am in awe of how well it works and what it does. Yes, it IS an investment, but hopefully after this you will never use crappy - cheap hair color again. As I used to tell my clients, when they would stall about the price.....HOW IMPORTANT TO YOU IS YOUR HAIR?????? To most of you it is the most important accessory you have on your body........treat it the way it should be treated.

    SO MANY OF YOU NEED THIS TO GET BACK THE SOFTNESS AND LIFE OUT OF YOUR HAIR, REMOVING ALL THE OLD HAIR COLOR IS THE TRICK!  This process alone is the one people are the most thankful for of all the processes I teach. This is what removes layers of old Boxed hair color....and that is what many of you have been doing to your hair for many years!

    Vanish is a revolutionary hair color removal system.  

    IF YOUR HAIR FEELS LIKE STRAW FROM YEARS OR  MONTHS OF BOXED HAIR COLOR - this is YOUR ANSWER.   iTS NOT THAT HARD . . .  i have helped many people become released from the vicious cycle of boxed hair color....

    yes, you're going to have to spend some time reading..... but,  its not that bad I promise.  . . . what I will also promise is a new found pleasure and confidence that you now understand how to care for your hair yourself....


    Vanish is made for those of you that:

    • have old color in your hair - - and need to get it out
    • wish to begin on a healthy hair program and need to start a-new
    • want a "do-over" with your hair color
    • have darker hair than you now want to be
    • have thrashed colored hair
    • this is the one and only color remover that works without bleach, without peroxide, without anything damaging or harmful
    • our Vanish kits come with KC's Personal tip sheet, that will assure you get optimum results with every application there are many additional items (all necessary to complete the 2 applications !)

    Ever wonder how celebs change their hair color so frequently and keep their hair on their heads? Vanish! It removes color/tint/dye safely and gently without destroying the hair. However, the process can take an entire day and cost $200-$900 in a salon. This is about the most expensive procedure that one can purchase in a Salon. Each application in southern California Salons is $200 minimum – it’s not hard, but it is time-consuming, it also does not damage the hair AT ALL. The reason? Ever hear of REVERSE ENGINEERING? You take the way a product is made and reverse it. Because Hair color is a chemistry marvel . . . all that needs to be done to take it out of the hair strands is to have the processed reversed : have the molecules shrunken and backed out of the hair strand . The reason to do it this way? ABSOLUTELY ZERO DAMAGE.

    Color removal/correction is complicated, and many very talented stylists won’t even take it on – instead, they send their clients to a “Color Correction Specialist” because “they can’t be bothered.” You can save yourself a great deal of money and time by doing it at home.

    Vanish Color Corrector truly reverses the molecular action of the color molecules, and they come out without the use of any developer or bleach. It is super gentle on the hair. Super! It just reverses the way the color went in and takes it out.

    Available with or without an extra kit which includes: application sponges, UN DOO GOO Shampoo, gloves, treatment caps, small bottle 10 V peroxide and VANISH Tricks sheet (KC’s hints, learned through 16 years of color corrections in the salon using this product under different names through the years).

    This is the one and only method Killerstrands approves of or uses to remove improper or old hair color (permanent only). It works consistently and predictably and does not damage the hair. If you need multiple treatments (many people do if they have years of boxed color on their hair)

    The Kit that comes with, will save you having to run around and get a host of little weird things (you will never need again) . . .  its worth every penny most people tell me. This should only have to be done once in your life, and with Killerstrands BLOG you should be able to learn how prevent bad color from ever happening again.

    Remember VANISH is for OXIDATIVE hair color only, it is not for semi-permanent color (such as krazy kolors ) - - those will have to be removed with a SOAP CAP . . . although, there is a trick for Krazy Kolor removal which you will need to read the BLOG to find the answer to.