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Eyebrow Color Kit by Killerstrands


A person’s eyebrows begin the trek downhill starting about age 20, sad but true. The thickness declines, the shape goes haywire with it and soon those dreaded grays sprout. What’s a person to do?

As of 1/1/2017 :   We will continue to send 1 pair of surgical gloves + 2 - 1oz. measure cups w/ all hair color orders. This year you may ALSO request a 1/2 oz. free sample of barrier cream with your hair color order. Barrier Cream is what Hair Colorists apply around your entire hair line to keep color from staining skin as color processes. Apply around hair line, not touching hair.... in a circular motion to give it a "natural" look. You must REQUEST the Barrier cream which is easily attached ( in the "NOTES" section). Normally the only people who require it are: Level 8  & darker, but there are no restrictions, just ask !      Honestly , I am a redhead with Albino lashes & brows so I color once a month the same color as my hair so it looks like they are nice and full and I don't have to deal with them on a daily basis. This really is the best method of keeping color on your eyebrows after years of trying everything on the planet. The key is the formula and what I ask is that everyone please supply the amount of GRAY in your brows in the "NOTES" Section at check-out, just guess. If you feel your gray is hard to cover please note that as well.

Both species want perfect brows not just the gals and the solution is both very easy... and inexpensive. All you have to do is give us the Level to your hair or whomever's hair.

 2 tubes or 1 Kit will last at least 2 years...or more, so it is also a great deal, it truly is. I think tattooed brows look really odd, but if you have a true artist do it and he draws the individual hairs it stills looks a bit odd..... we ALL NEED BROWS for our face and our overall look to appear balanced and beautiful. I mean they actually have a job , they are there to keep dust and dirt out of your eyes! I don't know how good they are at their job, but that is what it is!

Now, I feel silly having to say but I would imagine most of you have good common sense but I will anyway for safety: PLEASE KEEP HAIR COLOR AWAY FROM THE EYES IT........ IS NOT DESIGNED TO GO INTO THE EYEBALLS  (Obviously because almost everything is not supposed to go in them!). I just want to be sure I have said this....SAFETY FIRST - always !! ! 1

 Killer Strands’ Eyebrow Tinting Kit is a great answer for many different problems. Whether you have grays to cover or just want to change your brow color to better match your hair , this kit will do the job.

It includes:

  • two tubes of professional color
  • developer
  • 1 brush for application
  • a couple of plastic droppers
  • a couple of small spatula's.......its everything and more
    excellent deal great quality – - – color your own brows for more than a year…with what pros use
  • You receive a fantastic directions Sheet written by me, which teaches you how to make tiny batches of color, cleverly and properly so you don't waste a lot of color by putting it down the drain.

Simply pick the “level”(which means lightness, basically) Even men purchase this kit – it’s simple to use and the color can be applied in the privacy of home. This kit should last one person nearly 2 years and the shelf life of hair color is 2-3 years so you're good to go.

The Eyebrow Tinting kit comes with Wella’s Koleston Perfect color, Wella is suitable for most people.

  • Please be sure to submit the level of color you would like your brows – we pick the proper colors but must know from you what LEVEL you would like them to end up at…*
  • If you are blonde you really don't want to be any lighter that a Level 8 in blondes...they will just turn brassy, if you do.

 mixing the 2 colors give you the absolute best coverage for the hard to color wiry hair of eyebrows !!


Disclaimer: in no way does Killerstrands endorse the tinting of eyebrows as it is deemed dangerous in the state of California. If you embark on tinting your own eyebrows you are doing it on your own and you are completely responsible for the outcome. Please do not order this product if you think that you may come into any danger at all. If you order this kit, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer.


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