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ROSE GOLD Hair Color: Demi & Permanent Hair Color

We have been making this Rose color for over 15 years we just never have this whole marketing bombshell behind it. We have made it by mixing 2 Koleston Perfect colors I took a brunette ( real virgin human hair) and lightened her hair with Blondor's COOL BLONDE Cream lightener and used back to back foils to hurry the process up. Which you can see worked nicely. This was 2 applications. So many of you are so anxious to be done with coloring you lighten with one step and quit and wonder why you have to battle with brass all the time. Lighten one more time and you end up with this beautiful shade of blond with zero toner.

You would begin by applying a sufficient amount of Gleam to hair, leaving on hair overnight prior to color day or at least apply 30-60 minutes prior to color. Next you mix 28 Grams of Kolseton Perfect in 9/16AV with 2-3 grams of 6/45RV in a Tint bowl, stir these 2 colors together first ...then add 30 Grams of 10Volume Developer. Adjust accordingly if you need more color, all I needed was a small amount for this front quadrant of the hair !  Now take quadrant and begin at the bottom taking small sections applying with a tint brush as fast & as efficiently as possible to cover entire section. Process 45 m

inutes, rinse well. Apply INTENSIVE - leave on at least 25 minutes. Rinse and Dry and Style as usual. You will have the Rose look and a formula kept secret in the upper echelons for many many years. How do you may Rose? mixing White and Red/Violet if you you mix Red a

nd white you get pink so its this very thin line between the two you may play with by varying the amount of 6/45 you put in the formula but this is perfect in real life I promise you.

Another choice is the MAGMA formula I came up with as well you can see it on the photos below with the dollhead next to the bottles of MAGMA.  AGAIN you would mix Red/Violet with White....which is done bu mixing Wella's pigmented lighteners called MAGMA ..........use colors #/89....which isPearl Cendre or the white and color #65 VRV which again is the one you use a little tiny bit of see the front 2 inches of her hair, I should have used a little bit more of the #/65VRV but it is beautiful light rose and the chunk in the back is half and half so its a pretty bright rose.( too bright but I wanted to see what that would make.

 I ran multiple strand tests with them and loved the Schwarzkopf one, the only problems with the WELLA Pink Dream is its a bit light, which truly can be fixed in a pop by beginning Boost/Burst in Angel Rose, which honestly I recommend in any of your choices....this Rose molecule is brand new and with any brand new color they simply don't have a lot of experience with it to know what to do to make it last super long.....

 Let me list the BEST choice for achieving Rose color hair:

  • Koleston Perfect by mixing 2 colors we have used this method for years and it works beautifully here is a doll-head I tested it on for a visual ( remember I am ill so can no longer do clients but you all keep me plenty busy)

Given a little time and it should all be ironed out! once you have started along the path to....if you want to try a highlift Rose Gold color they have a Level 11 color called "Coral" which is really weird because it is NOT coral it is Rose ! ! !Its in their Pearlessence series and is 11.89. Then if you just want to apply a rose color on top of your blond ( which I feel is the smartest way to go ) ......first lift your hair to at least a level 8blonde, then purchase Schwarzkopf color PEARLESSENCE in 9.5-89 - Pastel Candy, which is a great Rose Gold Toner. Then my suggestion is to use either Powder Pink or Angle Rose Boost & Burst in which ever level of lightness or darkness you desire!

The ABSOLUTE Best (longest-lasting method) of Achieving Rose Gold Hair is by FIRST..........achieving a beautiful blonde, then adding a Rose gold Toner to the hair.......followed by ----->  keeping the color up with one of 3 colors in our BOOST & BURST Series of color-enhancing shampoos & Conditioners. We have actually 4 Levels of A rose-Gold look in that series.

Be aware that in the Boost and Burst Series we have every different level of lightness & darkness of the Rose Shades so be sure to choose your level of darkness or lightness that is your target shade. As you can see we have Powder Pink and Bazooka as a very super light Rose......all the way to the darkest which is Angle Rose.Remember one of the absolute best parts of Boost & Burst ?? the fact that simple Semi permanent pigment is deposited in your hair so when and if you change your mind and want to CHANGE to another color, all you have to do is begin using regular shampoo with sulfates if you are in a hurry to change or just your regular old Sulfate-free Shampoo which will give you a very gradual lightening of the color .

The BLONDME Lightener and Color range provide the high performance needed to create personalized blonde looks. The Premium Lift 9+ and Premium Care Developer offer up to 9 levels of lift while the ready-to-use toners and white blending shades give endless creative potential for blonde hair. Providing high performance for personalized blonde looks and Supreme Blonde Hair Quality. Schwarzkkopf has the absolute best Toners in my opinion.

 Toning cream, ready-to-use with pigments for pre-lightened or natural, light blonde hair.

Available Shades
- Steel Blue for anti-orange effect and steel blonde effects
- Ice for anti-yellowing effect and cool blonde tones
- Sand for clear, true blonde tones
- Caramel for tru blonde tones with a touch of soft warm caramel
- Strawberry for a fashionable pastel rose effect
- Lilac for eye-catching lilac tones


By doubling the 6/45 you would have a beautiful darker Rose gold.

BUT basically your best bet is to keep using BURST in ANGEL ROSE GOLD..........that will keep your hair fresher than any one of the million products out there!