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Toners are a useful part of the hair coloring process - some more than others....but if you are a Level 9 thru 12 Blonde most of you either want them or need them. They CAN be one of the most fun aspects of hair coloring because most are Demi-Permanent which means they wash out (somewhat) but they DO leave a line of Demarcation (which comes from using any Volume Developer.  If you do not want that line and you need a Toner.....then it is time to head over to our BOOST & BURST page of truly Semi-Permanent Hair Color Toners as the Pigment is in either a Shampoo or a Conditioner - using ZERO Developer - - - THUS .........NO Line of Demarcation ! Yahoo !

Couple of my favorite toners for getting rid of brass are in the MATRIX Color SYNC Line. It is a demi-permanent line not many people know about, there are 3 I like and I call the first one the "Marilyn" as it is an EQUAL combo of the color SPV = SHEER Pastel Violet + SPA = Sheer Pastel Ash, mix equal parts and then mix with either 6 or 13 volume Developer, for a brass fighting miracle ! Then my 2nd choice is Gwen .....which is SPV : Sheer Pastel Violet + SPN : Sheer Pastel Neutral

The following toners are divided up into which DURP they fight. DURP is Dominant Underlying Remaining Pigment or in other words .....the tones in your hair that you HATE ! ! Like BRASS, Gold, Blorange, Red or Green. That is the list by its popularity.

I receive a lot of requests for a BEIGE or SANDY Type toner . The thing about trying to achieve that sandy Beige Blonde hair first MUST be brass-free - -  FIRST ! 

One of the hardest lessons I seem to be able to teach is to get all of you to lighten the hair until it is PAST the brass stage. Yes, everyone's hair is capable of doing it (provided it is not damaged/ albino hair/ or Level 1 hair to begin with). Yes, its a long arduous process, but once achieved it is easy to keep up as all you do is the base( or roots) each month. BUT..... you CANNOT use cream lightener you purchase that I have now heard Sally's carries. The few people who have reported to me so far all of them say after a couple applications their hair is dry and F'd Up. YOU ..........MUST............ USE............ KILLERSTRANDS....... OIL ..........BLEACH......... KIT. It is formulated in such a way that I have additives and ingredients that will prevent damage from happening to your hair. I am sorry but you MUST USE OUR KIT to achieve damage-free / brass-free blonde hair. Use the Violet/ Blue base as it works on the brass the quickest.

Once you have brass-free blonde these are are 3 favorite sandy beige toners:

  • Schwarzkopf - BlondME - TONER in SAND + 10 Volume
  • Killerstrands BOOST Shampoo and BURST Conditioner in: Carbon Beach Beige. The color is so faint I advise you use both and test it by leaving BURST on for 5-8 minutes the first time rinse and dry, then assess and adjust from there on timing and frequency schedule for future.
  • Color Touch KC's SECRET BEIGE Toner.........You will need 2 colors:  9/16 : 1 ounce + 7/7 : 2 grams ....mix well with mini spatula 1st ( request complimentary 1)....then add 2 ounces of 6 or 13 volume color Touch Emulsion ( developer). You must have a scale for this. WHY? Do you have any idea how small 2 grams are? Its very small so it must be precise besides......if you are going to be doing your hair for the rest of your life its a good investment. If you are a hair stylist ( which half of you are) YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE ONE TO DO HAIR SO PEOPLE FLOCK TO YOUR CHAIR!

I Truly think Wella's COLOR TOUCH Line is the best line for fighting these annoying tones.....and I don't think many of you have gotten that message. About 5 years ago the company made some changes to the tones they used So If you are looking for Toners that fight Brass/GOLD you would order one of these:

  • 10/1A - 10 ASH which has a Blue/Violet Base and is very light so  Level 10
  • 10/6V - 10 VIOLET - my single fav' Level 10 Toner- Violet based + fights Brass like a champ
  • 9/16 AV - 10 ASH/VIOLET- bit darker - Level 9 Violet/Blue Based toner fights Brass/Gold/Blorange
  • 10/81PA - 10 PEARL/ASH - These begin to look more Silver and are extra good at fighting Blorange
  • 8/81PA - 8 PEARL/ASH - looks Silver, again it fights Blorange well...darkens hair to Level 8 Blonde
  • 7/89PC - 7 PEARL/CENDRE - Xtremely Silver & Level 7 so Dark Silver, looking up Cendre... the definition is "ASH" ! ! So A Level 7 Silver - Great for those with strong BLORANGE as well.

In using Color Touch as Toners they provide 2 Developers : 6 & 13 Volume, Use 6 if you are looking for something more mild, some of you come here and have very damaged hair so if you need a Toner while your hair is damaged this is your selection - otherwise you would want to use the 13Volume, it will last a lot longer.

The DEVELOPER RATIO for Color Touch is for every 1 part of color you use 2 parts of developer. It is also important to get the manner in which you mix the hair color and developer correct. You would have the hair parted and clipped and ready to color....apply your Crib Colorist Cape ...(see below) . BECAUSE . . . . Color Touch uses the 1:2 Ratio, it produces a LOT MORE COLOR to use...OK, then take the tube and squeeze in 1 ounce of color - then add 2 ounces of 13Volume....stir very well so it turns into a very creamy mixture. Color Touch has a super low content of ammonia and is the most pleasant fragrance and wonderful texture to work will see.

Now you can take any color of Color Touch use one of these developers and basically call that a toner is  ! ! !  Certain ones are better than others. If you're stumped call or email us and I will get back to you with an answer for you.

How would I explain a Toner?? Its a useful Tool to fight annoying DURP (dominant-underlying-remaining-pigment), that is left in your hair after lightening . Everyone has a little remaining unwanted yellow - GOLD is the strongest and hardest to remove pigment in the hair strand. It doesn't matter what color hair you have .........its that way for ALL of us.

Paul Mitchell has a set of beautiful blond toners

These are gigantic Tubes & depending on length and thickness of hair this tube could produce 1 to even 3 toner applications...most tubes of color are 2 oz. , this one is 3 oz. & remember you add developer to these so it makes a lot of product and the # 1 thing you want to do when measuring hair color is to try to get the amount you mix correct. So you aren't throwing hair color down the drain. You can mix 2 small batches if you don't have any idea and want to learn.

The names are depicted by the 3 letter acronym UTA, UTN, UTPN, & UTV

Ultra Toner Ash, Ultra Toner Neutral, Ultra Toner Pearl Neutral & Ultra Toner Violet

Some of the most efficient Toners we have are in our new Line of pigmented Shampoos & Conditioners that are made by KC herself. If you have followed KC at all you will know that her products made with her experience, quality ingredients and love for what she does makes them, very effective. She just feels there is no use even making them if they are not perfect. Yep, High standards to live up to, but that's how she lives her life.

 The problem with hair color Toners is , they always wash out.....with BOOST & BURST you are putting them in. What most of you will have to do is use Boost /Burst a couple times in a row, then you have enough color deposited that you can back off to once or twice a week and maybe only using one or the other.....E-V-E-R-Y  S-I-N-G-L-E  one of you will discover a different plan for how often you use them and how long you leave them on.

I truly suggest you purchase BURST (the Conditioner) if you have some heavy pigment to fight brass/gold or Blorange - be sure you get BURST....Maserati or Breaking Bad Blue is BLUE/BLUE/VIOLET & another one if you have a lot of blorange or GOLD.....all 3 of these are wonderful for those problems.....

You can start by shampooing BOOST in and leaving it in for 2-4 minutes........rinse, then apply BURST, leave that in for 1- 4 minutes.....rinse out.....rinse and dry. From your result you then go up in your timing... Most people with LOTS of brass need more time than that. If you have raging orange hair that is not what these are for. They are for people with brass, gold and Blorange, because your Colorist or you have not left your lightener on long enough or used a strong enough version. Which there are millions of you..... so I "get it"!

It may seem a bit odd to you but I am hearing fantastic results from these across the board. it just hit me to put them over hear for those of you who don't think to look at all the color-tinted shampoos and conditioners there are now. Its the hottest thing in the industry. But where these got their start were right here from this very  category  of wash in Toners via color-tinted Shampoos & Conditioners.

Now if you have use our Oil Bleach Kit and you have your hair pretty light blond...... one of the most fun BOOST & BURST COLORS to try next is Carbon Beach Beige. Obviously its "Beige" and its a Beautiful beige so your hair turns into that gorgeous color of BEIGE BLONDE you see on women yet you cannot figure out how to get it. I have a new Quicky Consult I am trying, and for $20.00 you can get direct phone call from me and I will help get you started on a new formula and get you to one of the beautiful BEIGE BLONDES that everyone I know desires to be ! ! !

WHICH fights those of you you fighting BRASS and GOLD. BOOST is the Tinted Shampoo & BURST is the Tinted Conditioner. You may use one or both, but these are professional strength semi permanent tinted Colors and the absolute best part of these is the fact that if you want to change colors ( for fun or ??) or stop using them you simply just switch to REGULAR Shampoo and as you shampoo with regular shampoo the color will either be removed or lighten a little bit whichever is desired.

Yes, one may apply a brunette toner on top of brown hair or even black..............but for this page of Toners they are all my choices for the best Blonde Brass fighters that inspire SHINE as well as fighting brass and leaving you with a beautiful Tone in your hair. In using Toners one would chose from the following developer selection

  • 6 Volume.........(both 6 & 13 are Color Touch Developers - they have this wonderful soft pleasant scent and are the most gentle - shine producing developers u will use with a Toner, if you have fragile hair this would be your choice)
  • 10 Volume.......(this would be Koleston perfect)
  • 13 Volume......(this is the one I use most)

Toners are the same as Demi-Permanent Hair Color....and 'why'?

Because categories of hair color are created by the Volume of Developer you use.

 The first 3 are Toners I have been using for nearly 20 years, I love all 3 colors, they are sheer....gentle....and have the perfect appropriate bases ( violet, blue + violet/blue --- which is considered PEARL!) for blonde/platinum hair. I call adding SPV and SPA the "MARILYN" Toner giving you the Marilyn Monroe tone. Here are the 3 swatches, which are difficult to see,but trust me they are awesome.



         Matrix Color Sync Demio-Permanent Toners


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