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Hair Colorist Tools: Crib & Salon

Become a true crib colorist by using the tools we use in the Salon - I don't really go for overpriced tools as you can find competent - useful tools for a decent price in my opinion.Everything here is in my own personal arsenal, I have brought you the tools I use and love.

This is a Collection of the items that I find make it easier to be a Colorist, yep even at Home. Since I made the change of starting out as a pro Colorist and turning into a Crib Colorist myself... I had to make some changes and all of them are incorporated into this page of tools & supplies. Make the job easy on yourself by picking up a few of these while shopping.

Larger Brushes :

  • #101 - packet of 3 brushes - can be used with Balayage, or even better ANY long hair color project. Especially if you have a lot of hair to cover.

MIni-Cape : Perfect for Crib colorists - Every time you color your hair, do you look for the oldest rag shirt you can find? Never can you find the same one - - twice! ?? Purchase this cape, keep it with your tools. Its washable -washing machine : wash/dry its ready to go next time.  Short, so you can lift your arms and work on your own hair! ! !  The price is almost the best part if it weren't for all the advantages!

Have Long Hair? I do and I finally found a top quality WIDE beautiful BRISTLE TINT BRUSH, I love how smooth it works. I highly recommend if you have a lot of hair or just want to get through your ReTouch quicker!

I found 3!!! THREE X-Large Tint Bowls - for those who are like me and have thick-dense hair, I have never found a large enough tint Bowl and now I have found 2 - 10 ounce bowls and 1 - 16 ounce which is TWICE the size of a normal Tint bowl ! ! I am so excited about these for you and selfishly for me as well !!!

  • 2 - 10OZ. Tint bowls in Various Colors  &
  • 1 - 16OZ. XXX-Large Tint Bowl - Holds 16 Ounces which is twice the size of a regular Tint Bowl

Now there is a new kid in town and its name is a Highlighting Colour WRAP....are used like a foil only it has much better qualities...... this very unique feeling slick paper.

Highlighting Paper Wraps are an awesome alternative to foils, they create heat enough to help boost the lifting ability of which ever lightener you’re using… & that heat is what will lift your hair PAST the yellow/Brassy stage – which is the biggest problem with Blonde’s in America! 
The sheets fold and adhere easily they are made of a unique polystyrene material that adheres with just one fold, making application & removal quicker compared  to regular foils. When I discovered these I never looked back ...I just LOVE these things and the way they work. Their non-slip texture keeps product in place and helps control heat to speed up processing 25% lighter than foils. Assorted pack contains blue, white, and gold.  These are great for applying BURST opn the tips……….or just a few ribbons of pink around the face, etc.. For best results:
· Fold in half and press along the top lightly to adhere.
· Do not crease.
· 4" x 7"
· Each package contains 30 papers
· U may use a Foil Board to apply for Fashion techniques


2 types - Easy to grip classic tint bowls, with rubberized slip-free bottom.

-Easy to stack and clean.
-Dishwasher safe.
-Available in black, blue, yellow, red and gray.
-Holds approx 8 oz tint.
-Plan on using 2 colors in your next crib colorist project? Use a different color bowl for each color.

FYI, I only use black bowls. I have this cleaning fetish and if my bowls are not immaculate it drives me nuts. All other colors show stains from darker hair dyes. Go with black!

Plastic Salon Ear Bouffant Covers......Cover those ears while coloring hair, yours or your clients!

BRAND NEW : 10oz. & 16 oz!!! SIZE TINT BOWLS. . . .  Great if you have long or DENSE hair, instead of having to use the kitchen bowls there is now 2 tint bowls for all of you with long thick hair !

Crimped Tint Brush - This and the new Sprush or silica tint brushes are my very favorite its something about the "feel" and how easy it makes the color go in. This one rocks, for a great price and with all orders over $100.00 - request a complimentary one with your order !

Silica Hair Color Tint Applicator - Hair Color Sliiiiides on !..........White handle / blue applicator photo

  • large
  • small - good for balayage

KING SIZE TINT BOWL - 10 oz. largest I've ever found, which is what I need for bra strap length thick hair....or if you have thick, or a lot of hair. I find this bowl the easiest to use for some reason it is easier to wipe off tint brush!'

2 - 3/4" BAMBOO HANDLE Salon Tint Brush - Wide end - Classy look

TUBE SQUEEZER - Large plastic Tube Squeezer with rotating HANDLE, get every living bit of hair color out of that tube, color can be expensive ( professional)  get your money's worth !

4OZ. Measure Plastic Cup - I prefer that people use a scale for weighing ( Target - I cannot bring you one cheaper) BUT if that just isn't an option - this is the best other way to measure you color and developer it is very important to measure precisely.

10 oz salon tint bowl

  • Non-skid 10 oz large tint bowl
  • Easy grip rubber handle
  • Available in orange

Key Color Tube Squeezer - if you can't afford the other one this works very well to get every last drop of color out of that tube !

Balayage Tint Spatula both W/ TEETH and WITHOUT !

Rubber Color Applicator - 1 Brush and 1 replacement with teeth.... and is hard rubber, so you can PRESS that color in the hair strands.... as I always tell you to do!

Crinkle Nylon Salon Styling/Color Cape - stop wearing old T-shirts and trash bags, this is a great cape and a great price as well! 

  • Made of 100% silky crinkle nylon
  • Ultra soft, lightweight and comfortable
  • Water repellant
  • Extra large size 58"L X 50"W
  • Adjustable snap closure fits neck sizes up to 19"
  • Machine washable, low heat to dry
  • All capes have matching binded nylon trim

3.5 oz. Men's Hair Color Applicator only - Bottle which you all know I do NOT want any women to use this on your hair....this is for men with their short cut hair, it is a great product for men as the comb has a sponge in it and it should work well.

Have you ever noticed what I have order to be a popular and highly paid ACTOR ( men I mean....) you absolutely MUST have GOOD HAIR, MUST.

Salon alligator Clips, 4-ct

  •  SalonTools alligator clips
  • 4-ct per package
  • Extra strong spring
  • Teeth to grip hair

Salon perm applicator sponge

 Sponge size: 1.75" x 2.5"

 Salon roller clips - 6 in a bag

  • Price: $3.99..............use to twist .braid - and create wavy hair super easily !

99-min/99-sec electronic salon timer

  •  99 Minute/99 second timer
  • silver with black trim
  • Magnetic back for easy hanging or pull out stand to sit on counter top
  • Large digital numbers
  • Loud alarm
  • Requires one AAA battery (Included)

Price: $5.99