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FUN SIZE BOOST + BLAST + BURST - Fun size - Professional Tinted Shampoo + Conditioners

Please Click here to be taken to the 8.5 OZ Sizes of BOOST & BURST - which is what most of you want. The page crashed I had to build another one - I am so sorry.

Click here for the METALLIC version which is BLAST ( made w/ MICA !

We are excited to offer a new size of the very same Boost + Burst shampoos and conditioners you love. The new 'Fun-Sized' bottles are 2oz and perfect for trying a color that your gorgeous hair may not be familiar with.



B&B contains a unique blend of natural pigments so this works on every hair type. If you hair is super porous, just be sure to test that first time 'shorter timing' than recommended. You can always add more time in the processing portion. Use 2-3 times a week or every time, it all depends on the color you desire and how porous your hair is, you will be able to tell a lot after that first test !

  • intensifies, tones, corrects, re-pigments hair color
  • hydrates & softens hair
  • restores hairs health
  • no developer- no ammonia - TRUE Semi-Permanent Hair Color

HOW TO USE: Use twice a week OR as needed to maintain color vibrancy. Shampoo hair with BOOST, being careful to apply to roots of hair covering ALL STRANDS including the lengths, massaging in gently while hair is WET !!!. Leave BOOST on hair for 2-5 minutes the first time, RINSE....Towel Dry lightly . Apply BURST the Color Depositing Conditioner, beginning at the base, being sure to cover the ROOTS - LENGTHS & ENDS. Process BURST 1-3 minutes. RINSE WELL ; 3-4 minutes longer than normal !. Apply Killerstrands product ; INTENSIVE for at least 10-20 minutes.Rinse  - Dry and Style Hair.

After this first application you will be able to calculate your future "timing" from your first results.

You can play with the processing time to change the lightness & darkness of B & B


Evenly apply a suitable amount of product on washed damp hair. Comb thru...Leave to work for 4 to 6 minutes, comb through, rinse. Calculate from that first application whether you need less time or more time !

Here are ways to make it darker:

  • shampoo in - leave on longer I have heard some people are noe dsletonh saa               then as I wonfered                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • leave on with plastic cap, the cap creates heat - the heat helps deposits MORE pigment into the strands
  • Use BOTH B&B : shampoo (Boost) & Conditioner (BURST)
  • Use every time you you shampoo
  • Leave both on longer and use both every time ( be careful- go in small increments- don't worry its easy to get out - simply shampoo with regular shampoo)

Ways to make it lighter:

  • leave it on less time
  • Only use once a week using other shampoos during week
  • Use lousy crappy Sulfate Shampoo - leave the shampoo on the hair for longer
  • Use one of the Malibu 2000 Color Correction packets - works great !
  • Do NOT use Vanish on this it is not needed nor does it work, Vanish only works on Oxidative hair color