' FUN SIZE ' BOOST +BLAST + BURST - Fun size - Professional Tinted Shampoo + Conditioners

Please Click here to be taken to the 8.5 OZ Sizes of BOOST & BURST - which is what most of you want. The page crashed I had to build another one - I am so sorry.

Click here for the METALLIC version which is BLAST ( made w/ MICA !

We are excited to offer a new size of the very same Boost + Burst shampoos and conditioners you love. The new 'Fun-Sized' bottles are 2oz and perfect for trying a color that your gorgeous hair may not be familiar with.



Using Boost & Burst can make you the ultimate Crib Colorist by the end of a shower ! Here is a way you may prevent your hair color from dripping down the drain the first time you lather up after a hair color appt.. Boost & Burst : Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioners contain professional pigments to deposit color in the cuticle and are the absolute TRUE example of a Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Finally you can see one, use one and Shampoo it out when you no longer want to see it, just by switching to regular shampoo ( use Sulfate Shampoo for a quick fade) ! That is why I have always tried to teach you that all those companies claiming their hair color in those lame boxes are NOT semi-permanent hair color and are lying through their teeth with their claim they are Semi-permanent. the definition of Semi-Permanent Hair color is hair color that is NOT combined with any developer and it is hair color that may be removed with simply Shampoo.

For Fun and to Make many of you happy and Swingin in your seat we have brought you 29 very different swinging Gorgeous Semi-Permanent Hair colors in trial & error adventures.

My favorite this week is PEACHED WHALE, that color, while I thought would be a dud has turned out to be a beautiful SPECTACULAR Color you all MUST try it

Boost & Burst Professional Color Depositing products can be used for special effects, tone highlights, re-pigment a Color Correction ....or even create the new Pastel hair colors. Use to replenish color after a permanent, Keratin treatment, relaxer, or vacation - - - even ! This shampoo seals color to strands and protects it against shade-altering UV rays. What’s more, the nourishing formula undoes damage from coloring, styling, and other treatments, our new hues truly shine.

Previously only available in Salons and by Professional Colorists, now I bring it to your home and your hands.B&B intensifies Tones,Corrects & re-pigments hair. Perfect for adding Salon fresh color between Color applications as well as adding additional color to natural hair and creating the new "pastels" that are so damn hot right now. B&B contain a unique blend of natural pigments so this works on every hair type. If you hair is super porous, just be sure to test that first time 'shorter timing' than recommended. You can always add more time in the processing portion. Use 2-3 times a week or every time, it all depends on the color you desire and how porous your hair is, you will be able to tell a lot after that first test !

  • intensifies, tones, corrects, re-pigments hair color
  • hydrates & softens hair
  • restores hairs health
  • no developer- no ammonia - TRUE Semi-Permanent Hair Color

HOW TO USE: Use twice a week OR as needed to maintain color vibrancy. Shampoo hair with BOOST, being careful to apply to roots of hair covering ALL STRANDS including the lengths, massaging in gently while hair is WET !!!. Leave BOOST on hair for 2-5 minutes the first time, RINSE....Towel Dry lightly . Apply BURST the Color Depositing Conditioner, beginning at the base, being sure to cover the ROOTS - LENGTHS & ENDS. Process BURST 1-3 minutes. RINSE WELL ; 3-4 minutes longer than normal !. Apply Killerstrands product ; INTENSIVE for at least 10-20 minutes.Rinse  - Dry and Style Hair.

After this first application you will be able to calculate your future "timing" from your first results.

You can play with the processing time to change the lightness & darkness of B & B


Every single color of hair can benefit from BOOST & BURST ! ! ! If you have lighter than Brown hair this line can be used in YOUR SHOWER to change/enhance your present color. If you have brown hair with highlights you TOO can enjoy the fun this line can bring to your life. Check out the photo of color: PLANET PINK .. she has brown hair with highlights and changes her color - every few weeks ! 



Evenly apply a suitable amount of product on washed damp hair. Comb thru...Leave to work for 4 to 6 minutes, comb through, rinse. Calculate from that first application whether you need less time or more time !

  • For lightest color ... use : BOOST + small amount of time pcossed
  • Next darker color : increase BOOST processing time to 10-20 min.
  • Darker still : {purchase both}. Use BOOST for 5 minutes, then be apply BURST for 2 - 4 more minutes. By viewing results after every application, you can gauge the total amount of time you would .

One of the main things I want you to think about when considering Boost & Burst is this...  They work very well for everyone. . . . Blonds, White/Gray , Brown Hair w/Highlights..... or OMBRE, Slices or blonde pieces of any sort within darker hair as well . I've heard so many various stories from customers I really need to document them as they come in. We've received a great couple of emails lately from girls with medium Brown Hair and highlights, who are switching between colors.... the brown hair stays brown BUT. . . their highlights or their OMBRE changes to the different colors - Breaking Bad Blue especially......they say they receive loads of compliments.... some things even i hadn't thought of...

What I don't want you to think they are is super bright colors, that is not what they are, but for those of you WITH super bright colors, these both will KEEP yours brighter and you will not have to get them touched up nearly as often.....When you receive Boost and Burst...don't panic, most look very dark...to reassure yourself take a fingertip of it and rub it on the back of your hand. See........... nothing to worry about. Shampoo and conditioner are a great deal water, so for us to achieve even the faintest of pastels their must be loads of pigment.

 Breaking Bad Blue is made with a different base now, it is now coming out like the blue in the photo - more of a Navy Blue...its beautiful

We have started to add a slight amount of violet and blue to Silver Bullet, nothing noticeable, that way it will counter any brass ...then deposit silver on top !

The absolute best thing about BOOST & BURST?...

When you no longer want the color in your hair, you SIMPLY begin using a regular shampoo, this is what is referred to as a TRUE "Semi-Permanent Hair Color. NO Developer is used and the color comes out with shampoo. Cool, huh?! .... It truly washes out, if you want it to quickly wash out............. shampoo the hair and leave regular shampoo in hair for 5-10 minutes - 2 days in a row -- it will be out in 1-2 days!


 *** Remember for the most TRUE accurate results with B&B, your hair must be...pretty-much brass-free - - which as I've said;  "EVERYONE" can have hair color without brass! If you have a small amount I have a kit in the works called the SOAP CAP process lightening Kit - it is for lightening all over  about 1/8 - 3/4 of a level. Its a marvelous technique IF and ONLY if you truly understand directions. I put the process on the Blog and had 2-3 people have it come out wrong, when that happens I REMOVE that product & figure it goes over Crib Colorists range of learning. I'm here to educate & guide you ... NOT to have you mess your hair up ... again.


  1. BURST & BOOST (B&B) are on one page for your convenience, they are 2 completely separate products - All colors in BOOST are on top half and BURST : Bottom half
  2. Because of both the density & quality of the pigment used, when you receive your product it (may) appear as if your bottle wasn't filled all the way.....which in fact : Is NOT correct ! ! As a matter of fact its the opposite ..... you are more than welcome to double-check - just don't include the weight of the bottle.  The bottle is an 8oz. bottle & an empty bottle weighs .8 oz  but we.....and all companies........ fill bottles on 'weight' ONLY... so we can achieve a "uniform-fill & fair trade product". When we first were filling the bottles ALL OF THEM WERE AT AN EXACTLY 8oz. ...... we received more complaints than we were comfortable with, so we decided we would add an extra 1/3-1/2 ounce & raise the price to match.
  3. We then took a survey of some of our frequent customers who voted they would rather keep the price down and get 8oz. per bottle. To be more than fair I decided to have them put an extra 1/2 to 3/4 oz in every bottle. So please understand you have the same price now for an extra 1/3-1/2 oz. of product even though it may not appear that way. Just weigh it, deduct the weight of the bottle which is .8 oz. you will see.
  • BOOST is a color enhanced Shampoo, that can be used for 2 purposes. Either to add a pastel hint to your existing color...OR to fight unwanted tones in your hair. For example Breaking Bad Blue - BOOST, can be used to add pastel Blue tones to Blonde hair OR it can fight unwanted 'gold' + 'Blorange' or 'dark brass' unwanted tones in the hair as well. For the 1st choice you would leave it on longer - start with 3-4 minutes to fight unwanted tones start with 1-2 minutes. You will be able to determine how much you should alter that after your first test run.
  • BURST is a similar product but is a conditioner and is darker than the shampoo. It is not nearly as dark as using Crazy Color Hair Colors we carry, those are for a total commitment, where as B&B are more for fun and for true cancellation of unwanted tones. Both B&B can be removed by just changing to regular shampoo and shampooing the color out. Which is the wonderful part of these. Both are professional strength and have loads of pigment, these have turned into our #1 Selling product in a very short time.

 if there is ANYthing that is missing or something that makes no sense to you on the website - LET ME KNOW ... I want it to be easily understood and many times from my side it does not look the same as your side!

B2B -

they are high performance & professional strength Color enhanced Shampoos/ conditioners.... you will achieve pastels with these, or counteract annoying tones - all depends how long you leave them on. I believe that some of you desire to enhance or create the brighter colors, if that is your goal use BURST - both Burst and Boost come with a Complimentary Cap !

This is NON-COMMITTAL hair color,a TRUE semi-permanent hair color... you can shampoo in and if you want to either change or get rid of it you merely have to begin using regular shampoo and it will be gone before you know it. Using B&B in your own hair color can give you substantial more time between hair color touch-ups as well and fight unwanted tones in our hair. One of the main reason B&B as soared to be the highest selling Killerstrands product -EVER- in our long history is to make the new pastel hair colors.


  • Stone-washed Coral - A color Wella has coined that I find beautiful so we had to bring that in( a soft muted coral)
  • Sahara Rose - A muted Beige-Sandy-Rose, more beige than the rest - (yet different from Beach Beige by the addition of Rose)
  • Mermaid - A Bright Green Blue - exactly the color you imagine a mermaid to be, I guess! !
  • Powder Pink - a TRUE Pink- softened a bit but pink all the way, think cotton candy

    Please notice that the bottom half of the choices are 'BOOST' the shampoo & on top are 'BURST' the COLORED conditioner. These products are of PROFESSIONAL GRADE and are unlike anything you have ever tried in the past....... there is LOTS of PIGMENT in both. If you are looking for the one with the most, its BURST - the conditioner. BURST can truly be used to cover up grays' in your new growth for all you Brunette's and Redheads!........when purchasing you receive 'one' when you place one in your cart..... The shampoo is color safe + SULFATE FREE Shampoo and Conditioner is made for color treated hair as well.

    BURST can be used for 2 processes... 1) to deposit color and enrich color in shower + conditioning process OR ... 2) to color hair one of many pastels. If used primarily as a hair color then I encourage you to use the Portable hair dryer (this page - at bottom)  that is used with your hair dryer, apply color - plastic cap on top, then Blow Dry for 20 minutes - process another 30 - 40 minutes for superior lasting color!

     BOOST & BURST can be used for many reasons the Top 5 reasons they are flying off the shelves :

    1. Have You seen the "new" Rose-Gold Blonde Look everyone is clamoring for?.....Well Angel-Rose-Angel can create the look without having to even get your hair colored! You can play around with how dark or light you want it by how long you leave Boost & BURST on, then when you want it removed......just stop using them and use regular shampoo.........yep its that simple to take them out!
    2. Making some of the many beautiful Pastel hair colors that are so popular - by washing with BOOST & then applying BURST and leaving in for 2-5-10 minutes depending completely on the look you desire. They have LOTS of pigment in them, so they are professional grade and this is how the pro's create the pastel that have been in affect for 20 years!
    3. Breaking Bad BLUE is very popular for 2 completely different reasons....1) fights BLORANGE in brown or blonde hair....its always good to conquer the reason for the Blorange ( lightener has not been left on long enough or a too weak blonding product used for the darkness of hair), Remember the color opposing the the tone you want to eliminate is your goal. Blorange....so opposite orange is BLUE on the Color Wheel - therefore blue tinted products are excellent for eliminating that tonal category.
    4. Silver Bullet is our # 1 Seller for many reasons.....YES it will tint Level 10-12 Blonde's = Silver. So you can achieve the new fashionable silver haired look and keep up the color fresh and new. For those of you with Silver hair ........you can really make it look true-shiny & silvery by using both Boost & BURST in Silver Bullet !
    5. Killer Copper can be used as a filler ......if you are moving from a Blonde to a brunette or redhead. I'm sure you have heard the term "filler", I receive many calls asking about that product and process, well here is your answer in one step. Purchase Killer Copper in BURST, Run the Shampoo Train on your hair for a few times, apply the Malibu Color Correction packet, then apply BURST for 20 - 30 minutes. Rinse lightly - - getting the excess color out. Towel dry, then dry completely. . . Then Apply your Brunette Or Redhead Color, KOPPER returns the warmth of your hair in the hair strands without the use of developer and its very easy to do this way. Filling the hair is ALWAYS a 2 Step process.

    Have BLORANGE? We have a BLUE Shampoo & Conditioner, no longer is it just Violet no longer is it a shampoo only ! Both are 8 ounce and for Burst I use the conditioner we originally used for formula #1 of INTENSIVE.

    Do you wish silver hair or rose colored hair purchase BURST the colored conditioner and apply after shampooing, play around with the processing time. They all have a lot of pigment in them, therefore, experiment at first.

    "Dear Killer Strands,
    Btw, KC may already know this, but in case she doesn’t and it’s a help to know: I’m a strawberry blonde going grey and letting myself go grey.  But, for me, anyway, that means a shift to yellow before it goes white, which looks gross as hell, even with some highlighting help from a salon. But!  The rose-angel shampoo toned the HELL out of it, shifting that yellow to a blush that looks so, so much better!"

    -Customer Review, 7/7

    FACEBOOK Review: by Summer: .............." I use the beach beige shampoo every day on my platinum hair and it looks awesomely beigy. Takes the yellow tones right out. Get this stuff! It washes out pretty quickly with regular shampoo"

    These products are unlike any you have tried in the past..They are what are used for hair shows & photo shoots. KC has been making them custom like this for nearly 20 years.This makes them have more pigment than anything else you've ever tried, which means you need very little. Most will tint the skin which is the reason for the enclosed gloves.

    KC prefers not to use gloves so keeps a bottle of kitchen cleaner with Bleach in the formula, squirts a shot of that, a shot of soap in her hands washes them & they are sparkling clean, which is another solution. You will always want the hair wet prior to applying either product & THEY CAN ALWAYS BE REMOVED BY USING A SOAP CAP (if you need the exact recipe for that............. which works with these colors........ please email : killerstrands.info@gmail.com) . Check out the tutorial on the Blog.

    I have been making these for 20 years and using them myself for the past 10, my copper hair looks bright and shiny all the time, I leave the shampoo on once a week for about 6 minutes when I shave, that way I don't feel like I am really doing anything extra (!!).


     (additional photos on their way!)

    Blue conquers those of you with Gold, Orange & Blorange undertones OR the real beauty of this is using it for artistic reasons. Such as you see in the photo on this page.... if you have an ombre as in the photo (the ends are blonde) apply to the ends leave on longer {everyone is different?} Poof !

    You have a blue hint to the blonde/hair........

    Here are ways to make it darker:

    • shampoo in - leave on longer
    • leave on with plastic cap, the cap creates heat - the heat helps deposits MORE pigment into the strands
    • Use BOTH B&B : shampoo (Boost) & Conditioner (BURST)
    • Use every time you you shampoo
    • Leave both on longer and use both every time ( be careful- go in small increments- don't worry its easy to get out - simply shampoo with regular shampoo)

    Ways to make it lighter:

    • leave it on less time
    • Only use once a week using other shampoos during week
    • Use lousy crappy Sulfate Shampoo - leave the shampoo on the hair for longer
    • Use one of the Malibu 2000 Color Correction packets - works great !
    • Do NOT use Vanish on this it is not needed nor does it work, Vanish only works on Oxidative hair color

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