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Beauty & Pin Ups Shampoo/Conditioner

Love it. Live it. Own it.

Beauty & Pin Ups has chosen some amazing ingredients to make-up this line which always helps - everyone is learning and becoming aware of ingredients that go into their hair products and I am thrilled because it is just so darn important.....sulfate.........gluten and paraben-FREE line.


FLAUNT Shampoo

LAVISH - All-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner

LUXE - Leave-In Spray on Conditioner


Why are we loving this particular product?

Beauty starts at the root. That’s why Beauty & Pin-Ups pours its heart and talent into creating lavish formulas that nurture hair health, from skin to locks, inside and out. Their products star a-list ingredients – Amla, Argan and Avocado Oil – each famous for coaxing luster and health to the surface.

They start wtih Amla, a revered botanical from India, which penetrates the scalp to strengthen tresses at the root, then nourishes all the way to the end. They add Argan, a Mediterranean treasure, for luxurious softening, conditioning and taming. Then comes Avocado Oil to moisturize with nutrients, fats and omega 3’s as well as amplify shine. Exceptional ingredients for a fabulous, top-to-bottom you.