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Illumina Hair Color by Wella


2017 :   We will continue to send 1 pair of surgical gloves + 2 - 1oz. measure cups w/ all hair color orders. This year you may ALSO request a 1/2 oz. free sample of barrier cream with your hair color order. Barrier Cream is what Hair Colorists apply around your entire hair line to keep color from staining skin as color processes. Apply around hair line, not touching hair.... in a circular motion to give it a "natural" look. You must REQUEST the Barrier cream which is easily attached ( in the "NOTES" section). Normally the only people who require it are: Level 8  & darker, but there are no restrictions, just ask !

I want you to know that - in true light - these new color looks gorge...They all seem to have a cast to them in the photos but they do not in my eyes at all ... for example color 10/69 is so white its almost silver....

Level 9/43 and 7/43 creates that beautiful new copper, that is trending right now....Level 8 copper

We have put up Color Swatch Charts and they are listed ! Killerstrands automatically includes 1 pair of 1-size-fit-all gloves + measure cup with all color orders.

This Color makes a beautiful Toner using 6 or 13 Volume Developer

Color ID also works with Illumina, creating the ability to apply different colors in ribbons or slices or pieces of any thickness next to each other without bleeding. Color ID ONLY works with Illumina AND Koleston Perfect !

It makes a gorgeous Demi-Permanent by using 10Volume and of course it covers


gray 100 % and as a permanent color using 20 Volume !

 We prefer you measure color with a scale as there is a difference in volume versus weight but, I know some people just won't be able to do it. We have members say there is a great one at Target for under $20. This hair color works differently than any other color and if your hair has a very light base color (especially people with porous hair) Illumina can lighten the base hair color and change it to the color that is your "DESIRED" Color.... Which is unlike any other line of hair color made.

Now the difference in Killerstrands Hair Clinic and other outlets for hair color ....

  •  I believe leaving hair color on for 1 hour, most especially blonds.
  • I believe in processing blonde's from Level 8 to 12 with low heat for 1 hour/15 minutes and using  violet develope and or color shots.
  • you may request a complementary Strand Test Kit which you can ask for at check-out 

 Somehow this brand new hair color makes the hair feel super silky and have more shine than I have ever seen in any color I have used. I LOVE the color and yesterday I actually got compliments on my hair & its shine! Illumina Hair color is a unique brand new technology in hair color...after just trying it on myself...(01/27/13) I am completely thrilled at the results I'm sure everyone reading this would love to have that. I applied the same Level 7.5RN, for all you Redheads - you will be thrilled. . . 

 we received a comment from a woman with a lot more com


mon color application:  

> From S.:
>"I have used the 9/60 on base 7 hair with 30 volume. No heat. And left
> it on for about a half hour. Turned out beautiful. I then used 10/36 on
> mid lengths and ends with 40 volume. There was previous highlights and
> lowlights that had faded. It lifted it beautifully. I am a huge fan of
> this color. I toned my over processed hair with it and the reduction in
> frizz is amazing. I don't need to condition everyday anymore either. My
> friend that I did the color on has a lot of nice thick wavy hair and it
> usually takes so long to blow dry and still is kind of frizzy, it has
> reduced the drying time by half! Her hair is so soft and silky. The
> color this tint gives your hair is so radiant. You will be



Everyone in the Killerstrands Group is so excited about this line its refreshing to hear about.!

The newest technology in hair color comes to us from a company creating hair color since the the 1950's, this color covers grey like no other, imparts more shine than any other hair color currently on the market..and one of the reports I got from the company states it is the first color to lift on top of old. Illumina's biggest claim is: 'it leaves hair color super close to Virgin color

About 6 months ago I got wind of a new technology this company was going to release....3 months ago I read all about it and that is when I decided to do a 180 degree turn and bring this company back, along with its new line called ILLUMINA (stole my name)

Please remember Wella comes 1 full level darker than other lines. So if you are wanting a level 7 you should buy a level 8 and so on.

This haircolor works at it's best performance ( lifting or lifting on top of OLD color) when used with HEAT. We sell a really great product called the Travelhood hair dryer.

This line has technology never seen in hair color.It is the FIRST breakthrough in hair color technology since the introduction of Demi permanents about 16-17 years ago. Although Demi's were just using hair color with a lower Volume developer so really not that innovative.

The Line only has 21 colors, which at first I thought was weird...but when I saw the chart, I thought well, they have some GREAT &  efficient gorgeous colors

Now when you read the color and say a Level 6 is called DARK BLONDE.....well, dark blonde is not what I call a Level 6. Look at your charts, at what a level 6 you call that a dark blonde ? ?? Well, I just wanted to point out I am calling it what "they" call it so you have some idea of the Level and tonal qualities.