INTENSIVE Conditioner & Color Lock + Porosity & pH Champ

This is the product I gets the most praise from. I now make this myself....its a little of this and a little of that and what it does is ...takes your hair to silky, shiny and glorious...doesn't it? What do you use it for?....When you color your hair the ingredients in hair color change the pH of the hair in order to let the hair color do what it needs to do to re-color your hair......Intensive gets rid of all the little bits of hair color changer that did not rinse out of your takes your hair back to its normal pH. What does that mean? It means your hair will remain happy & healthy and shiny because it is only in that process for 1 hour and no longer. 

Its mandatory for bleach and the oil bleach kits. If you are lightening your hair you MUST use this at the end, it will not only remove all traces of bleach leftover but also lock the color in and turn your hair from rough to silk !

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