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Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Spray by Batiste


The UK's #1 Dry Shampoo now and for many years.

Well the UK has always been a couple years ahead of us in the hair color & cutting department but that is only because Vidal Sassoon was British in my opinion. But as all great Europeans do, he ended up in Beverly Hills !  I'm kidding of course but seriously, yes, this dry shampoo rocks.. it's base is rice starch which is the best of all the drying ingredients. This is the company that invented dry Shampoo. They've tried many different formula's but I always come back to the classic.

These can be used for 2 reasons:

  1. Oily Hair?....this should be your best friend. The idea behind it is to use this on the day in-between shampoos. So many with Oily hair shampoo everyday, which is not good for fresh hair color. Makes you have to get a re-touch sooner shampooing everyday. I just do not believe anyone needs to shampoo everyday since the invention of dry shampoo. A couple sprays on the roots area, kind of rub in on your scalp to absorb the oil. Poof it should have better body & texture which takes me to reason #2
  2. Texture/Beachy Hair  -  (or Bedhead look)....Same method of applying still. Spray on the head area and rub in with the truly is the way to Victoria's Secret Hair

One of the most important tricks to using Dry Shampoo is to SHAKE VIGOROUSLY first and to keep your spaying hand MINIMUM 12" away from your head, the idea is to have a light EVEN spray of the Dry shampoo on the scalp area, not spots or uneven which is most people's mistake. It doesn't work properly unless you have a light even spray. It just takes a very little bit of practice, I promise.

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