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Product Club - HIGH-LIGHTING Thermal Color Wraps...................... I so wish these were around back when was doing hundreds of heads of foil work per week, and for clients with long hair. They also make the job of coloring ones own hair easy, using the Ribbons of Light theory, or some blonde wisps throughout your own hair...... these are your product. They make life easy... &  I am now recommending that everyone give this a try if that is the look you desire. If you remember I have always been very cautious about recommending that Crib Colorists not take on too many professional techniques at home, the last thing I want to do......... is be the cause of a mistake . When my entire goal of the Blog/Store was to educate you  & to avoid mistakes ! 

These Color Strips especially the 12" ones make Coloring the ends of your hair so easy and if you can't get in with your Colorist or you need a spark of color to lighten your life - use these and read all 4 Posts:  Post on RIBBONS OF LIGHT in the Blog, which shows you how to go about the technique ! Be careful as these generate their own warmth and are pretty amazing at that..... so be sure to keep an eye on timing. The THERMAL Warps generate heat the others do not.

These are

  • 12 " long
  • 225 in a box which will last 1 person many years I guarantee you ( these are made for busy Colorists).
  • They are a very silky feel and make sliding them in & out of hair - -  easier
  • Only need 1 fold to close them ( And they re-seal)
  • thermal properties - they generate their own warmth which is great for colder climate -- remember how I recommend coloring in a warm house, this solves that problem !
  • 3 colors : Gold, Blue, White
  • 25% lighter than foil
  • rinses off easily without pulling hair
  • KC highly recommends them

We also have 8" for shorter hair. Count 300.

 Do not let hair stylists go against your better judgement. The one thing I have learned over the last 9 years and Tens of thousands of questions and answers is that almost everyone of you have been right about your suspicions on your own hair color. No one knows your hair better than YOU do. Follow your gut, if you can't get a hold of me. .........Remember,  I will always answer 1 or 2 questions about your hair . We are trying an open Text line for those with 1 question - which requires 1 answer. So SHOOT !...............Text #  805.910.8274

 Foil Balayage Boards

  • Dual-purpose acrylic boards feature a straight edge for traditional foil applications & contoured edge for artistic/balayage techniques
  • Set of two boards – short and long

Balayage Paddle

  • Made of quality hardwood
  • Perfect for applying bleach in balayage techniques
  • 2 paddles per pack

Balayage Film

  • Great for balayage and color blocking
  • Perforated roll for ease of use
  • Each sheet is 12" x 12"
  • Total of 500’ of film

Highlighting Paper Wraps

Highlighting Paper Wraps are a flexible and lightweight alternative to traditional foil. The pre-cut sheets fold and adhere easily. They are great for full head or partial highlights and are also a great choice for retouch applications. Again these can be used for Ribbons of Light or blond wisps throughout the hair.

For best results:

  • Use a foil board for stability during application.
  • Fold in half and press along the top lightly to adhere.
  • Do not crease.

 1 size:

  • 4" x 7" -  50 ct.  &  250 ct.

Extra Deep Tint Bowl

Extra deep 3-1/4" tint bowl with a non-slip rubber base. 4-1/2" Diam. Great for long hair

COLOR TRAK WIPES - COLOR REMOVING WIPES FOR SKIN . What could be easier.They are making it easier and easier to clean the excess hair color off the skin . Now with this product it truly is easy breezy....Why?...because on one side of one cloth that is coated with all sorts of wonderful ingredients you can wipe around the hair & neck line. . . while on the other side of the wipe you can clean any color off your hands!

Now that is a great 2 in one item!

  • Pleasant scent
  • Gentle on skin
  • Easy to use
  • Sanitary
  • 100 Count

Colortrak Wipe Off Hair Color Remover Wipes are great for keeping a crib colorist's hair color job looking professional.... 100 wipes per container.

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