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Kenra Permanent + Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Kenra Now has Rose metallic in both Demi Permanent and Permanent Shades

Kenra has now kind of taken over the color market....they figured out silver metallic and Violet Metallic & that was all it took....which now brings out their new blonding line which looks very interesting to me, but remember to purchase BURST or BLAST our Color Depositing Conditioners to keep the color fresh!

PLEASE LOOK AT THE COLOR CHART for the color you are wanting to  purchase Every color does not come in both permanent and DEMI..........we have put the letter "D" & "P" behind each color, in order to get all colors on one page we decided to try this method of doing it, you MUST write in the NOTE Box Which you would like to have DEMI or PERMANENT !If you do not state which you would rather have, WE WILL SEND be sure to put a P in the NOTES Box  ONLY if you want Permanent !

GUY TANG FANS: A while back some of you told me to check-out This New colorist GUY TANG, so I did and I watch a handful of his videos. I do admit the guy's talented, his persona is not my style...( and I've been around of lots of weirdos in my life - myself included - but again everyone has their own style)
 so a couple times a year I will check on what he is selling and pushing as a lot of people purchase their KENRA through us. I'm afraid some of you may have gotten his one video a little mixed up. He does that Internet star who decides to "take a break" and hasn't had her  hair done in a really long time. He explains that the formula needs the following colors in his mini-line:

  • 8SM - Demi Permanent
  • 10SM - Demi-Permanent & lastly
  • VR ( which is 5VR) - the thing about this color is you only use about a 1/4" of the color as it is squeezed out of the tube..... or 16 grams to 1 ounce of color. This is a teeny tiny bit......... But what I see happening is people are buying the Violet BOOSTER all the time..........or is it that I just have not seen this particular video maybe. My point is the color he achieved using the VR is GORGEOUS and EVERYONE should want to try to achieve it.
KENRA Color incorporates Balancing Complex 5™, a proprietary blend of five essential attributes for haircolor that is simply stunning.This has our favorite "VIOLET" toned colors, so a beautiful Level 9 Violet that all blondes are on a constant hunt for, is here! A level 10as well. We have the permanent high lifts posted on the high lift page ( as our collection of the best highlifts in the business forms !)
  • Vibrant, long-lasting color
  • Intense shine
  • Improved condition and manageability
  •  Gentle formulation
  •  Outstanding coverage and color saturation

To ensure straightforward and easy-to-use haircolor for stylists, this Color offers both permanent and demi-permanent lines that provide:

  • A balanced shade collection of warm and cool tones
  • A common level system
  • Intermixable shades for basic to advanced color formulation > An easy measuring system and a drip-free consistency for reliable and precise color application



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