F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We are trying something new.......... Need help w/ your order ?? Text questions to KC @our business phone:   # 805.910.8274 . . . during the day time .

I run about 20-23 days late on emails regarding help with your hair. Why? Because there is only 1 of me and I encourage you to input your keywords to your question on the BLOG, text or call us if you need answer faster....we receive an enormous amount of emails, due to the #1 goal of these websites being " E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N " for you all to absorb.

Remember, the #1 recommendation I give to ANYONE & EVERYONE I speak to.... is. . . to read the BLOG - Cover to Cover ! It is 670 Posts, but many people have finished it off in a weekend ! It is an abbreviated Cosmetology Course -  focusing mainly on hair health & hair color designed to produce excellent Crib Hair Colorists.                      


To see what charges will be for your order, simply. . .put your items in cart. . .you may run through and not have to check-out so that you can see the charges before deciding. PRETEND TO CHECKOUT . . . INPUT YOUR ADDRESS & COUNTRY (at the bottom on left hand side it says "COUNTRY"  and the default is UNITED STATES - just click on ARROW on right hand side of box and it will bring up all the countries we ship to, THE CART WILL GIVE YOU PRICING, PRIOR TO CHECK-OUT.....so you can decide about charges. There is a reason we only ship USPS - Priority Mail , we have been doing this for close to 10 years  and have had the most successful results this way. Insurance up to $200. covers your package- with this shipping method.

We have a 99% success rate shipping internationally- if you happen to be that 1%, if we can see that your package arrived by tracking info then, you must do your 'do-diligence' & research with your local post office to retrieve it. Remember they all have to go through customs and we have zero control over your package once it leaves the USA shores. Shipping this method the absolute far away place from us arrives in 5-8 days and that is the other side of world!

CONTACTING US... Do to the nature of our business (mainly educating) - we receive hundreds of emails daily. I wish I could answer every email everyday, but it is not physically possible. I do my best and no one but me can answer technical questions.... . If you have something urgent, or just need an answer, please call or text ( this method is working out pretty good- so far!)

We have added a new option for shipping : 1ST CLASS Mail, if that is the option you choose. . . ., please be aware by doing that you are giving up rights to insurance. By choosing First Class Mail you agree that the package is shipped at your own risk and we will not refund nor re-ship lost parcels.

1.) TRACKING MY ORDER : When your goods are dispatched you may take your order # and email to the home page of this website, look in the upper-right-hand corner of site. You may use to track your package - once it has left our facility. If you have any further questions, please call {805.910.8274} or e-mail @ killerstrands.info@gmail.com.
For any emergencies such as cancellations or your order is over 2 weeks (14 business days) old....please also call or email.

2.) CANCELLING ORDERS : Once your order is placed you have 24 hours in which to cancel/change it. We highly suggest you call us to cancel it because if we miss your email we will send it............ if its more than 24 hours, its too late.


We will make every effort to ensure that your order is processed and your Goods delivered as quickly as possible (subject to events beyond our control). Some orders may become delayed because of back-ordered issues with manufacturers. Any longtime Colorist/Stylist deals with unusual practices by color manufacturers of never being "caught-up". . .we are constantly receiving orders from companies, but there are times that a big fat "B/O"is on the packing slip which means Back-Ordered.

We try to contact you by email/phone to let you know there may be a short delay in order to send your order complete. We receive shipments 3X weekly directly from manufacturers but again, sometimes they come in with a "B/O" next to the colors we've ordered (back-ordered). I call and complain all the time, but they don't listen. Must be nice to not have to care about the customer ! We try other distributors that we trust, so don't think we just wait because WE DON'T! Please be aware there is a tremendous amount of counterfeit hair color being sold on the web. Whenever there is a lot of money to be made, by now there is someone counterfeiting it and selling it on the web.

(4). INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Rates??  Large companies have lower rates, because they ship in volume and are offered much better rates than us 'little guys'. If you would like us to quote you a price for GROUND shipping please email us and we get an estimate for you. The monetary amount has to do with 2 things : the WEIGHT & the DISTANCE from us (Los Angeles, California) all International orders are shipped PRIORITY MAIL, which includes insurance.

When a package gets lost due to the Postal Service ( which has nothing to do with US or YOU) I always feel I should send another package...... if 'loss' happens. No one is perfect. NO ONE. When and if an International package is lost (only once in 10 years!!) during shipping and we can track it outside of our country, we will discuss with you a fair way to deal with it.
If your International order is over $200.00, please note that there needs to be plenty of INSURANCE added to your shipment, and the shipping price will have to be re-assessed and you 'may' receive additional bill for INSURANCE to cover the price of your package - that way you are guaranteed receiving your package. We have just added this Feature as of October 1, 2016.
  1. We ship everything PRIORITY MAIL, because it comes with insurance built-in the price, so if anything happens to your package on route to YOU, and it does NOT make it, you will receive another { I receive a small portion of the funds back 10-12 weeks later } . Plus:
  2. Shipping PRIORITY MAIL has the package en transit a much shorter time, which helps decrease the "time" where an accident may occur.

If you want to ship GROUND, and wave all rights to me re-shipping a lost package. Call or email and we will get you a less expensive shipping rate. If you are willing to give that up and sign the waiver then we will get you an estimate on ground Shipping - remember, it takes substantially longer. Please email us. Our loss rate is extremely low ( less than 1% ) but I want you to be aware of everything.


The method and address for delivery shall be as specified in your order. If you will not be at your home address during normal office hours, you may wish to give us an alternative delivery address, such as a work address. Please ensure we have the full address including your correct ZIP code and a contact telephone number.

If any item arrives damaged or defective, please contact us immediately and we will make arrangements for a replacement to be delivered to you. If that happens in INTERNATIONAL orders, our only choice is to refund the customer.

(6) TRADE LAWS/Legal Notice  

Certain hair product manufacturers who do not allow internet sales of their products are in violation of US anti-trust laws.

On March 9, 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of hair and skin care distributors and consumers: In a unanimous ruling, the US Supreme Court,passed the CLAYTON ACT... 118 S.Ct.1125 (1998), it found that once a lawful sale of a copyrighted item has occurred, the Copyright Act's prohibition against unauthorized distribution is inapplicable to a domestic or foreign distributor who decides resell the item in venues other than those intended by the manufacturer of hair care or cosmetic goods. In the court's opinion: "Once the copyright owner places a copyrighted item in the stream of commerce by selling it, he has exhausted his statutory right to control its distribution." Manufactures who do not allow internet sales of their products are in violation of US anti-trust laws.

Any company who contacts Killerstrands.com Inc about removing products from the website will immediately be reported to the FTC.gov for criminal violation of the Clayton Act. By limiting product from internet sales it inevitably makes the price go up, therefore this is considered price fixing. If you work for a manufacture of any of the products sold there you will be personally held responsible for any illegal contact made via that company.

Please don't play games. Your products will be sold online by someone why not us. We're always looking to build relationships with manufactures.   :-)

(7) Copyrights / Trademark

The manufacturers and distributors of the products being offered for sale are the
owners of their registered trademarks, logos, packaging and copyrights. Any use of the manufacturer's word or symbol trademarks is only for the purpose of describing the goods being offered, and not as a representation that the seller is supported by, or affiliated with, the manufacturer or trademark owner

(8) RETURN POLICY - please see the entire page on returns so you can be thoroughly informed. Hair Color is NOT refundable so please don't ask, it is both a Sanitary and FDA issue for not refunding hair color. PLEASE BE SURE OF YOUR COLOR SELECTION, remember BOOST,BURST AND BLAST work on 80-84% of ALL people, there is that small percentage that they will not work on because mainly you have resistant hair, hair that does not like to be colored or is tough to color