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Scalp Massager- Brush

 Here at Killerstrands we are all about the needs of the customers, Many of you come to us because you have scalp problems, here is one of our products that will aid you in repairing your scalp. We suggest using this with PURIFY our SCALP scrub that will clean and purify that scalp so that your hair will be shiny and grow healthy & strong hair strands.

Use with SCALP WELLNESS shampoo as well . . . if you hit the scalp from all the angles you will never have to worry about dandruff or flaking again . . . Once you scrub well, the next step that completely repairs the skin on the scalp? GLEAM. GLEAM works miracles on any skin on the body. I had a stage 3 skin cancer on my arm . . . and while I was waiting for surgery I put Gleam on it everyday and it took the pain away. THAT IS POWERFUL STUFF I TELL YOU . . .  I hear stories all the time about the remarkeable results from GLEAM on the skin. Rub GLEAM into your scalp overnight. . . then shampoo in the AM for the day . . .  repeat untill completely healed. 

Watch the magic this oil produces.. . .  it truly is magical....and it is simply the richest most vibrant oils from nature  - -  THAT's IT! No cheap filler oils all superb expensive wonderful oils by mother nature, it blows me away how powerful they are. . . every week I hear another story....that shocks me. . . truly.

Scalp Massage Brush gently massages and stimulates when washing as well as keeps scalp and hair vibrant and healthy.