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Creamy Oil Bleach Kit <> On-the-Scalp Lightening Kit

 We have a Kit, I think most of you know that....if you don't .........please read PAST THE LINE I'VE Drawn...that will tell you about the ORIGINAL KIT as a whole.

NEW: the Brand NEW ! ! ! Creamy 'OIL LENGTHS LIGHTENER' Kit. The only reason I have come up with this is because many of you are starting from the beginning and going completely ALL-OVER blonde.....which means you need a lot more lightener. I should have done this a long time ago and for this I apologize. But, nobody really spoke-up until lately and now I understand.... that many of you want and need more lightener in order to LIGHTEN THE LENGTHS of your hair, when lightening your hair for the first time ! The regular CREAMY OIL LIGHTENER Kit is made to give you "2" Re-touches (after you have your entire hair lightened). We have never had a Kit that helps you lighten the LENGTHS of your hair. Thus, the LENGTHS LIGHTENER Kit. The amount of product is large. In the regular Kit you are given 2.2 ounces of the violet/Blue or White Base (1.1 ounces of Creamy Oil Bleach lightener PER APPLICATION). Currently all we offer is  a discount if you purchase 2 Kits ( which is 4 re-touch applications - and what I think people were purchasing for the lengths.) Now we offer this NEW "LENGTHS LIGHTENER KIT" - Creamy OIL Based in Violet/Blue color which works to fight any and all brass/Gold & Blorange). It is a 3 Step Kit, which includes:

  • The Base (sufficient Oil is added) Violet-Blue tinted Creamy Oil Lightener
  • Blue/Violet Toner Powder
  • 20 Volume Violet Developer
  • incl. 4 measuring Cups & 4 prs. of Gloves

 The Blue Base Gets RID OF BRASS highly recommend it, remember READ all you can on the BLOG, and purchase PLENTY of Kits when you are just starting out. 1 Kit contains 2 Applications. The Trick to achieving BRASS- FREE Blonde? 

Nothing is better to get your hair ready to use BOOST & BURST.................Nothing!


The absolute one and only way of going platinum.

So I made a kit that is the most moisturizing, healthy and GENTLE than any prior kit I have used. The end result is completely spectacular and I have yet to hear of anyone complain about even the slightest amount of discomfort....which was my #2 main goal. 

What is in this kit :

  • Cream oil base 2.2 oz.(only need 1 ounce per application)
  • Glammor oil - mix of Camellia oil + Hazelnut Oil + Almond Oil
  • Violet Tinted Developer - (20Volume Developer)
  • Toner - Blue/Violet Powder
  • 2 pairs of Gloves
  • 2 measuring Cups
  • 2 Plastic Caps

 POWDER BLEACH + Hair Dryers, no oil, no cream, no lipids.... is where I feel all the damage comes from in lightening hair!                   

Therefore please welcome the Killerstrands on-the-scalp Oil Lightener Kit ... each Kit contains 2 complete application

 All top Colorists interested in healthy hair choose this type of lightener for super gentle lifting. Perfect for the Gwen Stefani - - Marilyn Monroe - platinum blond look, where applying the actual lightener directly to the scalp is needed. Lifts hair up to 7 levels, with an accelerated initial lift and maximum control for faster, balanced results. 

As the main hub of this Kit, I have chosen to use a Creme Lightener which has a gel/cream-like viscosity that mixes smoothly and won’t run or dry out, something important with this type of lightener ( the old Wella & Redken Kits chose a powder lightener as its base)  - -  therefore in all of my test runs of this product I could completely feel and see the difference using the CREME Lightener base . . so much so - - that I was mad at myself for never thinking of this before ! But, anyway . . . you now have what I feel is the epitome of an ON-THE-SCALP LIGHTENER  Product. You can't get any more gentle, yet strong at the same time. Mainly that comes from using the Creme Lightener plus our GLAMMOR OiI.         

We’ve put together these kits to ensure that you have everything you need for the bleach and tone process or what I like to call as the Killer/Wella Ultimate (on-the-scalp) Lightener Kit, even adding a jar full of powder toner-lightener which adds to the toning ability of the lightener... preventing brass or yellow tones. It is the absolutely perfect Bonus addition to an other wise perfect kit.

The Ultimate Kit includes just what you’ll need for 2 complete bleach applications. The photos really do not do the kit justice at all, please know they are just the 2 Wella products . . . there is so much more. Please go by the bullet pointed list below for an accurate picture and list.

The Ingredients are: 

  • Step 1 thru 4 Killer strands ingredients
  •   Plus..........
  • Detailed 'KC' Directions

 A lot of effort goes into making these kits . . . and we constantly think of discontining the product as they take so long to make and need so many different items to complete just 1 Kit....

but have had so many people ask that I keep making them.... We'll see. . .This is for any of you that want a pure blond look, think of Gwen Stefani, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguillera....and need to apply the lightener to the scalp. I have tried this kit on several of my clients with super sensitive scalps, every single one of them said it was the most gentle bleaching they ever had. They had absolutely NO PAIN AT ALL, plus there was no discomfort at all . .  . not even itching. 'Just a dream'... they all exclaimed far as scalp sensitivity.

This process in Cosmetology terms is called: a 2-Step Process or a "BLEACH & TONE "  . . . .I don't think I have ever done a BLEACH & Tone without following it with a 2 hour THRIVEN treatment, I highly suggest it and if you are one of those with a Platinum 'do  - - you absolutely must get a bottle of GLEAM. Gleam is the best friend of every blond. Absolutely makes it the healthy, and strong and most of all shiny hair that you love!

 Remember if done correctly any hair coloring process can leave the hair looking healthy and shiny. Take the time to use IN-TENSIVE. Take the time to read the Demos' in the BLOG that show EXACTLY how this is accomplished correctly.

Be sure to use Gleam on the hair as it replaces lipids lost during the lightening process = my hand to God - - you will see your hair improve after every application and particularly well on blonds.