'Pastel Hair Color' - Demi-Permanent - Instamatics by Color Touch

Wella has come up with the most brilliant and "on-trend" hair color in today's market. Demi-permanent Pastels yes and 6 of them to play with they are inter-mixable. You may process them 20 minutes or 40 minutes to achieve different lightness or darkness results.

The colors are beautiful and they have used balloons to display the colors which are a wonderful manner in which to bring the pallet alive. The colors work with either 6 or 13 Volume Developer...Color Touch is one of the most successful and beautiful lines of Deni-permanent color and is used in many photo shoots for shine and health.

The ratio of color to developer is 2:1. Now when you hear that - it means for every 1 part of color you add 2 parts of Developer. So for instance for 1 ounce of color you would add 2 ounces of developer. So when purchasing 2 ounces of color remember you will add 2 ounces of developer to it and therefore in the end will have a total of 6 ounces of color to apply............which is A-LOT ! ! ! !

This is Pink Dream + Muted Mauve + Smokey Amethyst

 Ribbons of Light Kit

Ribbons of Light Kit  - Cream or Powder 

  • 40 Foils - (to separate ribbons of light)
  • Glammor Oil -1/2 oz. moisturizer
  • Lightener ( Bleach)  - 3.5 oz. CREAM ( this is a LOT of lightener !).........if you don't specify you will get Cream lightener as I feel that is the number one way to lighten, unless a special request for Powder lightener.
  • Developer - (6OZ. Violet. 20 or 40 ( please specify Volume..........20 Volume comes with it automatically) 
  • Sectioning Clips  (2) 
  • Tint Brush or Balayage spatula

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