'' GLEAM '' -- Killerstrands Ultimate Oil - Repair + Moisturize

Sometimes I think the reason Gleam was invented has been lost. Lost by me, in my writings. This little wonder was first invented years ago to apply to the hair prior to coloring it... then as my clients hair began to improve so much all of us began to think that maybe there was a lot more to it than just an addition of coating to the hair while it was opened and re-colored. So I began adding extracts and then vitamins...and we began applying to the hair at night when the client was planning on shampooing in the morning...and everyone was coming back with more and more reports of LESS FRIZZ, increased strength & shine. I noticed it all but what really sent me to heaven was when the clients all began noticing the exact same thing....and that is how this "little wonder" began its trip down the Yellow Brick Road, into the world.

This Oil has the best expensive oils incorporated, I have developed a routine of both night & morning : I apply Gleam on my face & neck, I have dry skin and I have a friend who has oily skin and we both discovered this Oil was better than all of the expensive creams and serums they sell in stores and it is so much more reasonably priced! I am most proud of this one product, of all of my own products, I have used it to repair hair - bleach damage, remove scalp issues and lessen the lines on clients faces, repair every single skin condition under the sun....to me that is the definition of a miracle in cosmetics!

Unique hair treatment oil with 6 different Oils helps to restore hair to pristine condition.

  • Aloe Vera,Chamomile & Calendula extracts
  • The unique blend of oils contains Argan Oil which is a powerful antioxidant that provides intense nourishment to dry and damaged hair
  • The formula is rich in 2 different Vitamin E's
  • A Subtle natural scent that KC develops herself over the course of 6 months with a slice of Amber Resin soaked in Argan Oil then strained carefully
  • Gleam's difference from almost every single hair oil is..........NO Silicone which means pure-pricey-delicious oils
Another wonderful problem Gleam heals is:........... any bad scalp condition..........just put a few squirts of Gleam on fingertips...carefully rub into scalp. Leave on overnight to do its magic. Shampoo with Malibu2000 Scalp shampoo. Gleam will get rid of Dandruff, and every scalp problem I have ever witnessed, so if that's you.......I'm promising you, this oil is a complete and wonderful MIRACLE Oil ! ! ! I hesitate in giving my oil combo away as many companies are told to watch every product I make. But I will tell you the top 4 oils I most proud of : Rose-Hips Seed Oil  + Black Currant Oil, Abyssinian Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil the list from here goes on and on.... and I treasure every single oil. We will be expanding this page and adding single oils to you may try certain ones for certain conditions.

 What it does is ... it helps moisturize the hair deeply in the same way that the intricate night creams of today do to the skin at night.  But, I believe wholeheartedly that moisture can repair and mend hair. I never did until I took my Cosmetic Chemistry courses tested these theories on myself and my hundreds of clients. I had to learn thru my own experiences. I am a woman of my word, so I want you to know that this Gleam has a little turbo-powered added to it although you will not notice it We have added 3 new extracts and 2 new forms of Vitamin E to Gleam which does not change the actual make-up of it - AT ALL !

Gleam is nearly 10 years old, how old is the rest of the companies mock version of mine? I know I know when someone copies you or your idea it is the sincerest form of flattery  ............  but still - on every shelf in every store there are hair oils. Prior to this influx of hair oils......American women were hounded by cosmetic companies, to watch out for any products that had "oil" in them. "oil-free is the way to be" we were told to go for nearly 15 -20 years that I can remember. 


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