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Hair Brushes: Brushes - All Types

Everyone needs brushes, unless you have curly or very short hair and even then, certain brushes work wonders. I have very long hair and most everyone with long hair uses a paddle brush it makes the experience so much easier and it feels better, even!  Brushes can cost from $2.00 to $2,000. (yep I've seen them), but honestly expensive brushes never worked on the majority of my clients hair and I used strictly (and still do!) Denman's in the Salon. But my friend told me about the new addition to this page and that is the wooden Paddle brush. I bought one for myself , because I didn't believe for the price that it would be worth a damn. . . but surprise - surprise I was happy to learn I was completely wrong.  I love the brush and decided to offer them to you !

I think everyone knows what a teasing brush is...if you don't they are for gaining height on 'mainly' the top of the hair which there are some videos on U Tube if you need help

Wet Brush sugar Skull styles

Everyone loves these brushes.....I happen to need to brush my hair wet or I can never get my hair combed thru dry and this is the best brush ever to come along for that. Its all you need to brush through hair its like half of a vent brush and half of a paddle brush.


 Easily removes tangles and knots from hair. Flexible bristles are gentle on scalp. Brush base fits comfortably in hand. Ideal for all hair types, weaves and extensions.