'' HAIR COLOR Consultations'' : KC Develops Personal Hair Color Formulas - Rose-Gold/Silver/ Platinum - all Safely!

 The tricks of the trade in Hair coloring??? There are no tricks....it's all science/chemistry & mainly experience. People want me to give them a one word answer for their hair color selection, I would LOVE to be able to do that.....but it simply is just not possible. That is why so many mistakes are made.

The one thing I want everyone to know is...........I took these OFF the Website because my health issues have gotten so much worse and weekly is a battle for me now, if you can purchase these and know that they will not be done rocket- fast then please proceed ...............if not, then please do not purchase them. I do them the fastest and as quickly as my health lets me but in the last 6 months things have changed a lot for me and I will need you to understand that.

So I have come up with this online Consultation that has been very successful, and I have had so much experience with ONLINE CONSULTS......... I feel very comfortable doing them now.

This Consult is the works:

  • photos, 
  • phone calls (only if needed) 
  • interaction with me (KC) although
  • you must answer the Killer 14 questions which we will send to you soon after your consultation has been paid for. Why do we do that? I have been doing these 8.5 years now and I have finally refined them to this process so it works out well for you!
  • The thing about the 14 questions is, it solves 2 of the problems I have...... doing these over the Internet........ I am missing : sight & touch. 
  • Touching the hair is super important, it tells me everything about its health - porosity - texture,etc...and that gives me more info on how to come up with your hair color formula. So with that lacking I must have the answers to those so I am able to give you the best formula for your color. Those questions have the answers to many things that would never occur to most people but are imperative to me in getting the formula correct.
  • Please don't let those 14 questions scare you .............the Level System simply means we give numbers to certain lightness or darkness of certain hair colors. Platinum ( Marilyn Monroe's color is Level 12......and Cher is Level 1 Black ! ) Then there are all the Levels in between and they are all spelled out in pictures for you in this Post:
  • Please use this as a Quick Guide if you are not into learning a lot about the Level System !

What I have found out in the years on our Blog? Most of you love hair coloring and 'most' have many layers of previous color to prove it !!  by the time you find me. That is unfortunate,  as it is the first red-flag in hair color analysis. Having previous hair color changes everything. It changes all the simple Rules, that were designed by hair color manufacturers. I have devised the Killer 14 point Questionnaire to help me. We do have the ultimate in Consults that would have me walk you thru the questions - any which way we must have them answered, they really aren't that bad, I promise.

Both of these Consults do involve Photo sharing, if you use Instagram or Pinterest that would be a great way of reviewing them and talking about the photos. But if not emailing them would be great too. Remember you will need photos of both your hair NOW and the color you would like to be.  I would love to have multiple photos of "desired color" if at all possible. Please only send me 5 of your hair....... 1 of each side and the last of the roots up- close...........all with a white backdrop, which can be a white wall if need be..........Then chose 2 or 3 MAXIMUM  of what color you would like to achieve..

The most important part for you to follow is to give the answers to those questions in no more than 6-8 words. I know it will drive some of you crazy, but i promise it helps me in my decisions. Once you have paid for this,  we will send you the Killer 14 with a link to 2 posts that will help you answer them the 14 questions. 

 If you would like to have me go over the Killer 14 questions with you personally, we will answer them together, so we have come up Grand daddy's bigger cousin. With this we will begin on the phone ! We will go over the 14 questions together! Then include everything in the Grandaddy version as well.Once the 14 Questions have been sent and you return the answers ...the Consultation will not be refundable, I promise you I try soooo hard to help everyone fairly and reasonably.

Once you have sent in your answers to the Killer 14 questions You are no longer eligible for a Return on your money, so just be sure. Its not fair to me to have me work over all your info, then ask for a return, I feel I am fair and I hope you will be as well.

BEFORE WE EMBARK ON THIS PROCESS . . . IF YOU HAVE HENNA ON YOUR HAIR AT ALL, PLEASE KNOW THAT WE CANNOT OVERLAP HAIR COLOR on top of it. Henna is the one and only hair color that I cannot work with and you should never have it, desire it or use it.....It needs to be cut out of the hair! Any Color Correction Specialist will tell you that.......... AND UNTIL YOU HAVE IT ALL OFF OR CUT-OFF PLEASE DON'T PURCHASES THIS UNTIL THAT TIME !

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