Neon Hair Color by Kenra + Pravana

We've added a new line of Neons in answer to all the people that seem to love these colors. The brand is Pravana and we just want you to know that KC highly recommends you be very sure of the color you use because these colors are very difficult to remove from the hair once you apply. They are 3 oz. tubes so they're larger than the Kenra. And again difficult to remove!!

ChromaSilk NEONS are direct dyes that require no developer, as are all shades in the VIVIDS Collection. The color of the NEONS mixture coupled with the level of lightened hair will product your final hair color outcome. All VIVIDS Collection hair colors will last longer with proper home maintenance by using VIVIDS Color Protect after care regimen.

WE have some new NEON colors to add to the CRaZy CoLoR mix ...and on top of being NEON , they GLOW-in-THE-DARK or become fluorescent whatever YOUR term is !..........Kenra seems to be the most innovative hair color line out there now.

Make Pastels, Make the brights both are accessible with Kenra's line of Bright Semi-permanent colors. Maximize your creativity with nine semi-permanent colors that allow you to create anything from vibrant custom shades to pastels and everything in between. Provides intense color deposit with vibrant reflection. 

- True-to-tone results that last up to 20 shampoos
- Inter-mixable to create custom shades or pastel effects
- Formulated without ammonia
- Provides intense color deposits with vibrant reflections
- Most vibrant results on pre-lightened hair
- Direct color pigments - no mixing with developer required
- White Shade allows you to create unlimited color variations

If you are not sure how to reach the color of your dreams email KC and she will give you the colors to purchase and an approximate formula, she''s a color wizard but for the fine you want you can finish it off.

For example so many of you are wanting Lavender shade ...... just mix Violet & White..... you would put 1 ounce of Violet in a Tint Bowl use a tint brush which is the single best way to mix adding a little white at a time if you want to be very careful....start with a 1/2 ounce then add the white a little at a time...... til you get the color it is.

As long as you have the 3 primary colors Red....Blue.....and can make any color of the rainbow ! Just email KC and she will give you the colors u need  in the SUBJECT:  put KC KENRA COLOR REQUEST. If you're in a hurry , call.

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