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Free-lights White CLAY lightening Powder by Wella

Wella's Blondor is adding a new cream powder lightener (bleach) line designed for freehand bleaching techniques such as ribbons of light, ombre and balyage, its called Freelights lightening powder. The advantage of this is it has clay in the formula and is rich and creamy, the problem with powder lighteners is....they dry out, and what happens when lightener dries out? It stops working and leaves a splotchy outcome. This past weekend I gave this a try on my own hair and was not only impressed but flabbergasted at how well it works.............I feel I can recommend this to all of you and not worry that you will run into problems. It is very creamy and rich and goes on super easily.....I did use paper foils because that is how I was educated.

We have made it easier for you to use this by breaking down a gigantic tub ( made for Colorists) and creating smaller Kits, so you can give it a try a couple months with spending a fortune!

Many of you hair Colorists are fans of GUY TANG, and yes he does great "show" hair but to be perfectly honest be careful about doing that type of hair on your everyday client. I'm sure I will get alot of crap for this, but you have to understand - my mentor just won the world wide contest for hair coloring in Las Vegas......and this is what she won for. Do you know that in 1995 she did a coloring job exactly like this. My point being .............there is only a certain amount of procedures we can do to your hair....and they rotate over the course of many years ( just like FASHION) u everyone loves stuff from the 70's - 80's and 90's now..... There is only so much you can do in fashion design, then designing becomes repetitive styles/fabrics and designs rotated from how they were 15-20 years ago. I mean until they start making fabric that is also a sunscreen and never gets dirty or something like that things just don't change that much.

NEITHER DOES HAIR COLOR. That's why I want to educate all of you in the basics, so that for the rest of your life you will be able to accomplish A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G on your hair color. With the clay added to this bleach it helps it not dry out.................and why is that good? Because when bleach dries out it STOPS working which means it stops at the BLORANGE stage....everyone's least loveable place. So with the clay added to this the bleach stays moist for all of you who insist on doing Balayage....I still love foils more and no one will change my mind on that theory !

The advantage of this OVER the current Blondor which I love and use is...........they claim it is made specifically for projects like Ribbons of light or the process called Balyage or hand-painting in which you artistically choose pieces of hair to lighten without the use of foils, saran or cotton. Perfect for natural looking sun-kissed highlights and new trendy techniques like Balayage and OMBRE. Which involves using this powder and developer.

  • this powder is perfect for accuracy and precision in freehand application containing lightening agent that is clay based. WHY? Because clay keeps the lightener moist, which is important because when lightener dries out  - it astops working......when it stops working.....the lightening action stops TOO EARLY  . . . and instead of passing that BL'ORANGE stage it gets STOPPED right THERE.....and BAM! God awful Gold/Blorange Blonde hair - everyone's absolute least favorite hair color.
  • Even if you don't have it on your own hair, it bothers you
  •  for natural and pre-colored hair
  •  up to 7 levels of lift!
  • use exclusively with designated FREELIGHTS developer for FREEHAND application
  • a couture color application

    Ribbons of Light Kit  - Cream or Powder 

  • 30 Foils - (separate ribbons of light)
  • Lightener ( Bleach)  - 2.5 oz. Powder  (this is a LOT of lightener, will last 1 person a LONG time !)...
  • Developer - (6oz. Violet. 20 Volume Violet Developer ( please specify Volume..........20 Volume comes with it automatically) 
  • Tail comb
  • Tint brush