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Travel Hair Dryer - Heater Hair Hood Dryer System

Best Invention EVER ! !!

I couldn't  believe this little weird contraption  thing-a-ma-gig  - -  Yes, it looks funny. I  mean who wants to look like this photo ??  No One....BUT...........BUT, we just used this a couple times here at Killerstrands on a couple of the staffers . . . and surprize -- surprize to me worked superbly. I mean it really worked as well as a regular hooded Dryer.  Just hook up your blow dryer to the end and set it down . . . the way the heat flows through it is wonderful - because it is air and heat mixed together. Soak in any of our conditioners, use it for 20 minutes with GLEAM watch the magic begin!

You can use this with THRIVEN treatments, GLEAM treatments, any of the Malibu2000 packet treatments,  and the most popular? ??  With VANISH and getting that old hair color out of your hair. I would have never guessed this would work as well as it did ( a little wake-up call to me to keep my mind open to new products!)

  • Machine washable " Lightweight & easy-to-use
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments (THRIVEN + GLEAM)
  • Convenient way to set your hair  ( waves or curls )
  • Color Removal with VANISH........Removing old color w/ VANISH works a million times better w/ HEAT
  • Great for travel-fits most hair dryers
  • Protects the hair, heat & air mixed together is much more gentle on strands
  • Use with Plastic Cap to protect Bonnet

Directions: Gently place bonnet over hair and connect the elastic end to the hair dryer nozzle. 

Convert your hair dryer into a professional hair drying system that is great for heat-activated treatments and conditioners. The Bonnet Hood Dryer adjusts for easy air tight fitting. The hose will attach to the nose of any blow-dryer. It is durable and machine washable and also folds up flat and is great for travel. It should be operated at cooler temperatures as it heats up fast. Start off with a cool setting and then add heat as needed. When drying curly hair, for best results, dry with as little movement as possible. The hood dryer will speed up drying time....

this is a dream machine....

Some are silver/ some are black.....