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Balayage + Hair Coloring Tools

Crib Colorist Tools Beginner Kit

Tint Bowl + 2 Tint brushes + 3 Clips for hair + Tint/Comb Combo applicator + Gigantic Tooth Comb for combing hair color through on Ends of hair.

9 Pc. and we throw a pair of gloves in for you !

Crib Colorist CAPE

This Cape is Short enough so when doing your own hair you don't have the long cape getting all tangled in the unique positions we must contort to in order to color our own hair in a professional like manner

Large Tinting Spatula

This large tinting spatula is great for using as the flat portable board you apply the lightener on the hair when doing Balayage strips.

Overall size 8.25"L X 4"W

Large Tinting Spatula

A combo applicator and brush all in one, you comb hair then apply balayage ,....makes your life so much easy ( the other one is sold out for a while) - this one works fine!


Laminated chart to compare levels 1 thru 10 to actual hair made by Killerstrands and laminated so it will last thru all the mess made while coloring hair

Color Shaker

With a spill proof lid, shake the color to mix....

Tint Rack without Teeth

This is used for Balayage and foils - its up to you